Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

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    Sharing press day pic from Instagram
    Surf, sea and fun print on beach items.

    Home items

    Also cross-posting another pic that @Lostinlondon shared here. The Sieste au Paradis print on the 2002 bag.
  2. Some more press day pics from Instagram
    SS19PressDayd.png SS19PressDayc.png SS19PressDayb.png SS19PressDaya.png SS19PressDay00.png

    And mini Kelly Picnic in what looks like Lime to me? (I know Lime is brought back for SS19). Or perhaps it's the new yellow Jaune de Naples? :shrugs:
  3. IMG_9582.jpg IMG_9583.jpg IMG_9584.jpg IMG_9585.jpg IMG_9586.jpg IMG_9587.jpg IMG_9588.jpg IMG_9589.jpg IMG_9590.jpg IMG_9591.jpg IMG_9592.jpg IMG_9593.jpg IMG_9594.jpg IMG_9595.jpg

    Instagram browsing!
  4. IMG_9596.jpg IMG_9597.jpg IMG_9598.jpg IMG_9599.jpg IMG_9600.jpg
  5. I like the sellier Birkin! It's a shame it comes in 35cm only as I no longer buy that size.
  6. I like the color blocking on the bags.
    That Constance!!!
  7. I thought the barenia (or butler) verrou has a long strap. Oh well. I'm safe! :smile:
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  8. I know, it’s killing me. I want this bag so badly with a messenger strap. Not only does it not look long enough but why in the world did they make a canvas strap that doesn’t look detachable?
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  9. It is very puzzling that that Verrou strap is not detachable... Shooting on their own foot too, as that bag would go so well with many of the available straps...

    Thanks for all the wonderful pics. Is there nothing more on the XL DS?

    I am completely sold on this bag. I know that a Double Sens without double sens makes no sens... But I don't care. I will pay whatever outrageous price they ask for it. At least it has a removable strap.

    41705531_142350296716261_1278443593589602795_n.jpg 41585260_615928168856614_41886618626762818_n.jpg
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  10. Agreed. Maybe in the next iteration! :biggrin:
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  11. I am completely sold on the leather outfit
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  13. think i saw size 30 from the book...........hmmmm dangerous...........
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  14. I'm pretty sure it will be available in a 30 at some point. They released a black box sellier birkin 30 last year
  15. If they are only doing B30 in smooth leathers then my wallet shall still be safe. But if they are releasing them in grained leather then I am in real trouble! Maybe they will put it on the SO list one day! Ha! :biggrin:
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