Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

  1. I am guessing this is going to be a very expensive buy for the stores because almost all the clothes are in leather.
  2. Can I answer? Bring back the Trim, the Drag, the Vespa, the Sac a Malice!
  3. Also the Sac Mallette, the Tsako (which I had in the 90's and sold:cursing:) the Market bag, the Noumea, the Himalaya.....err...no, maybe not the Himalaya;)!!
  4. Some more bags that weren't covered in the previous posts
    _ARC0027.jpg _ARC0061.jpg _ARC0119.jpg _ARC0171.jpg _ARC0216.jpg _ARC0272.jpg _ARC0347.jpg _ARC0479.jpg _ARC0688.jpg _ARC0711.jpg
  5. All pics from Vogue
    _ARC0738.jpg _ARC0757.jpg _ARC0808.jpg _ARC0831.jpg _ARC0879.jpg _ARC0941.jpg
  6. And the Dalvy, too! But NOT the Himalaya.....EVER!!!!!
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  7. Yes, it's supposed to be removable. :smile:
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  8. And then you lose the freaking pin! 600 Eur down the drain! :P
  9. They should’ve done what Loewe did with their Gate bag. It has the same pin closure as this one does but it’s connected to a leather cord which is connected to the bag itself.
  10. That's one mountain to never climb again. Bring back that Alligator Plume I chickened out of in 2014, I'm ready now.

    Are those 'Single Sans'? Because I can't see why you'd turn them them inside-out. Still I wonder how much extra they'll charge for sewing a couple of single rings on? The all-black is wonderfully stealth but the chocolate(?) Grizzly/Doblis (most likely Grizzly) is whispering my name, OK, it's screaming "COME GET ME". Now I know you all have a weird thing against suede but I love it. Please don't be a stupid price!!!
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  11. Knowing H, it will be a stupid price, especially because of that box (?) strap, among other things :P
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  12. Pray for me :angel:
  13. Love this cuff. via ayafukushima_ IG.