Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

  1. Looks like there are some new bag designs for SS2019

    courtesy via vogue.com

    This first one looks like a Roulis split into two and the second one looks like a bigger double sens with a longer detachable shoulder strap option





  2. Thanks for starting the thread, @azukitea :smile: The first bag is Petit Sac Double as mentioned by @pretty99 here.
    I believe this is the new flat clasp bag that @pretty99 referred to in his post, which I quoted above.
  3. This one reminds me of the Verrou with a removable strap. The video on Hermes.com didn't have a very good shot of the bag .
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    Hehe. That's not it. When he said Celine Clasp bag, he really meant it. It looks like this one
    The bag is/will be called Taille 33

    That pic you posted looks like a Verrou with a detachable strap that looks like it could be worn crossbody
    Which I LOOOOOOVVVE! yass! my answers have been prayered! lol
  5. I hope Vogue releases some detail shots later so we could have a closer look at the bags and the insane jewellery
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  6. So far the clothes look fantastic
  7. I loved e the
    I love the color of the dark grey bodysuit in the 4th picture. Wish they currently made a bag in that color. These pictures are making me excited to see more of what will come next.
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  8. @allanrvj Thank you for the correction as I didn't watch the show and was just viewing pics on Vogue. :P

    Found a better detail shot of Petit Sac Double
  9. I watched it on the website at first. Horrible. No music. :biggrin:

    I noticed something: no Birkins or Kellys or Constance on the runway. Which is a good thing! :biggrin: I really like the Verrou, but a closer look says the straps might not be detachable after all. But anyway, it's gorgeous
    Also available in barenia omg

    And this one. Barenia!
    And box
  10. I die at the jewellery
    Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 22.40.22.png Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 22.39.53.png
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  11. Quickie question:
    Does anyone know typically when these new bags will arrive at H stores after the SS show? I love that Sens looking bag! :drool:
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  12. Usually not till December at the earliest.
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  13. Thank you! weN84! :flowers::heart:
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  14. Some fabulous coats

    _HER0689.jpg _HER0885.jpg
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