Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

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  1. This may be a good model for slim wrists as it appears fully adjustable, the 'gap' at the side also allows the wrist to be partly visible so won't look as chunky as many.
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  2. Everything H is a stupid price. Come and be a Doblis carrier with me dear PT. (Feel like inserting D rings to my Double Sens. )
  3. Really digging the shoes. I'll probably spring for the black ones for practical reasons, and the red/blue ones are great for adding colour to my muted wardrobe.But I'm so into white shoes lately, I don't know why. :blush:
    _arc0926.jpg _arc0409 (1).jpg _arc0080.jpg
  4. This bag is called Transat.
    It's in Natural Butler, not Barenia and is only available via push offer, like the other in Box.
  5. Is it the same leather as this bag? Coz this one looks lighter, although on the runway there is only one tan leather and the black box. hmmm...
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  6. I believe so, yes.
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  7. Thanks for revealing the name @weN84
    Sorry to be a party pooper, I must say I am not a huge fan of this bag, Craftsmanship aside, the overall design is just MEH
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  8. I like it. It brings to mind that woman who once created a thread--she wanted to transition from LV to Hermès, and said her workhorse is an LV Houston. She was wondering if there's something similar in H.
    The closest I could recommend to her is a Victoria, but that is still too bulky. I think this will be the closest thing to a LV Houston silhouette :smile:
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  9. me too. Perhaps my taste evolved, but... no. NO! NOOO!
  10. Thanks for your post. It’s good to know I’m not the only one.
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  11. I hope the plaster on the model's ankle is not a reflection of how comfy those bi-colour sandals are.
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  12. I saw that too and was wondering.
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  13. Ha ha, me too.

    Then I gave it a pass because these models go from show to show to show and it could be a combination of irritants.
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    OT: Many (many, many) moons ago, I used to work in Paris for a big name in fashion. The shoes for the runway were more like prototypes and not finished to the same standards as the commercials versions found a few months later in the shops. It was torture for the poor models!!
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    I am LOVING the huge DS.

    And what was wrong with the Himalaya?