Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

  1. I agree. Perhaps this is a starting point and there's a little more to it? Or, I could be completely wrong. :smile:
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  2. It'll probably have a border of sorts to it as most Nigel Peake's design does. (Promenade au Faubourg, Patchwork Horse, Chacun Fait Son Nid, On a Summer's Day, One Two Three and Away We Go.)
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  3. Did I miss it? I'm not sure I saw any nods to the silk universe in the Spring show.....
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  4. Just found these on mariehelenecanac’s IG page
    IMG_0996.jpg IMG_0997.jpg
    Unfortunately, the shots are not focussed on the scarves.
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  6. Dear @Croisette7, look, there's a beautiful 90cm of l'Art du Bojagi! :heart:
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  7. me too. I regret not purchasing Sieste when my SA offered it to me. This season is going to be trouble. DH already told me to calm down and hold back. I’m making my list.
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  8. Oh Jesus !!! BDG giant is back ! :heart::heart:
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  9. Im so Giddy!!!!! There are second chances with H. This next season is going to make my wallet lighter...
  10. Is that a new 140 by Kwumi Sefedin? :eek:

    And maybe a fringed tattoo of Caducee Rock? Oooh.
  11. Ooooo! I hadn't noticed that!

    I think the upside down horse scarf is cute. Well, I like the colors. I hope it ties well. Or maybe I don't lol.
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  12. It could be nice in CSGM, litchi.
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