Hermes spa pricing

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  1. Oh no! Mine is being repaired, and that's one of the things I checked off as well. Good luck and I'm so sorry...another several months without one of your babies!
  2. I'm sorry but I don't think this unfinished. The gussets are the side panels with the new white stitching. These stitches are on the back of the flap so a different area altogether. I guess it depends on if they had listed flap restitching on your work order, if the flap is listed-then its a mistake but those stitches aren't the same as the gusset.
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  3. Ok, then I have missunderstod what the gussets are. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me! :flowers: But those white stitches are not new however, checked the whole bag. Thats why I thought they meant the back of the flap, since there are two stitches missing. They did not list the flap. No idea why, could it be because the leather is too brittle to restich? Does not look like the leather has dry rot, and they put in a couple of stitches on the inner pocket, but I am no expert in that area.
  4. They just may not have seen the missing stitches, I have no doubt they will do their best with the bag. It's just unfortunate you have to send it out again. I would make sure the after care slip specifically notates the areas you would like addressed and make sure the quote comes back with the same info! Hopefully they can expedite it for you!
  5. Just a quick update. My 32cm Gold Kelly was available for pickup after about a month and came back in really nice condition. My Kelly Indigo 35cm was available for pickup after about 4 months - the handles were torn and coming loose and Hermes special ordered the indigo replacement pieces from France. My experience is mixed. The 32cm Kelly in Gold was returned in really nice condition. However, My Kelly Indigo 35cm was returned with damage. Although they repaired the handles very nicely, in the process of repair or storage they damaged the toggle and returned it to me in loose and shaky condition. I called to complain and they denied having damaged my bag which led to a very intense (almost yelling) discussion. I wouldn't trust the Hermes in New York for repairs that take longer than a month, otherwise you might risk someone mishandling your very expensive handbag and causing additional damage. Just a warning.

  6. Did they eventually agree to fix it?
  7. Yes.
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  8. hey sorry for late reply. I guess it depends on what needs to be done. The price i paid was for general cleaning,touch up corners + polishing hardware. Best to bring your bag in for the SA to inspect and you will be quoted accordingly.
  9. No worries! Thanks for letting me know anyway
  10. i may need to send one bag to H spa to remove some nail varnish at the bottom of the bag,
    does anyone have a quote on this situation, is it the spa service for cleanign that i need or this is something they need to send bag to Paris.
    I am in the UK.
  11. On the bottom outside or inside? Outside the London craftspeople should be able to remove nail varnish locally unless you need to replace the whole leather piece. The places where the varnish is removed may need re-dyeing. Inside they cannot help with :sad:
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  12. its outside , so i guess they can work on them
    i also posted a pic on doc's thread, waiting for some advice
  13. It may be worth checking if the local crafts person is actually there though if you would like it done in London. I was told Claire is on holiday when I popped in on Tuesday so if I left anything it would currently be sent to Paris automatically.
  14. oh really, thanks for the heads up!!
  15. Good luck!
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