Hermes spa pricing

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  2. So i contacted both customer service in paris and sweden, they not let you ship by post to nearest store, they told me I must bring in person. So i did, travel 3 days by ship from finland to Sweden. There SA said she cant tell anything about estimated cost of spa (kind of weird) when i ask her again since she working there for so long do you remember usually 100, 500, 1000 she still answer she has no idea. So i have to left my bag there only to get estimate, even if i not repair i have to go sweden at least once again to pick up. They said they send bags to repair in January (it was December when i dropped it) im keeping checking email everyday to see how much they estimated. The plastic on the H is broken, wonder if they will repair it as a lifetime warranty (like chanel or lv sometimes repair free when its broken and they think its bag fault). Of course for spa i have to pay. Hope it wont be 1000eu.
  3. It took a while before I received my estimate from be patient! They’ll also send a comprehensive list and cost of what the craftsperson feels must be done. (Refer to my picture for what it most likely will look like), and after you select which repairs you want completed, just sit back and wait. (patiently as hard as it is...I waited 8 months!)
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  4. Does anybody know how much and how long to polish and clean breloque charms? Thanks
  5. Usually polishing jewelry or charms can be done while you wait unless it's very badly tarnished or needs scratches buffed out. I've only been charged for the latter service, for the large silver CDC, and it was $250 which I thought was outrageous. Now I polish my own metals :P
  6. Thanks!
  7. It is time for my 40cm ardennes kelly to go to the spa. The bottom corners are showing wear and she could use a good cleaning. I am going to bring her to Madison Ave but I have held off for a long time because....have they ever lost a bag? And if so what do they do? I am terrified to leave her in the hands of strangers...professional strangers...but strangers none the less. Do they give you some kind of receipt? I also need my special order canvas strap for the kelly repaired. How do I ensure that both the original and the canvas come back? Do they do a detailed inventory/once over of the bag with you before taking it in for spa? The last time I was at Madison the lovely lady who I guess is the new Claude suggested they replace the canvas on the strap but I wasn't ready to part with her yet. I should have asked all this there but I didn't think of it at the time.
  8. Hello. I have bearn alligator wallet I want to sell. The wallet has some wear and tear. So I am debating if I should send it to the spa before I try to sell it. Does anyone know if the price for spa is much higher because its exotic skin? And how much do Hermes take for spa on a wallet? Do you think I will get a much better price if I send it to the spa first?
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  9. Hi All,
    i am considering purchasing a preloved fuchsia shiny nilo bag stamp J but the bag has many dark spots all over.
    could someone pls advise me if these are water marks or discoloration due to improper storage?
    will Hermes be able to Spa the bag to remove the dark spots?
    where i am the weather is hot and humid throughout the year
    i have never have a croc bag so i really have no idea what these are.
    Thank You so much!
    fuchsia.jpg fuchsia2.jpg
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me about your experience sending ostrich handbag to Hermès spa? How much did it cost? I need to refurbish 4 corners ext. How did it come out good or not so good? I just need to know your experience and what I would have to look forward too. I’ve just sent mine for a spa treatment and some refurbishment, however not had the price quotation yet.
  11. I did a spa treatment for an older box Birkin that had corner wear and side wear. They actually replaced the whole gusset and cleaned up the corners. It cost $450 and took 2 months.
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  12. Thank you for the reply.
    Thank you for the reply, I still waiting for the spa price. I had an email from the store a week later to say they will be sending it to Paris for spa pricing. But also need handles cleaning and zip pull repairing.
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  13. I have an email back from Hermès in regards of my SPA treatment.
    It seams like a stand cleaning process the described to me, also will answer your question:

    Our leather Cleaning/Polishing service includes the following when necessary:

    -Cleaning the hardware - (metallic fixtures) this will make the hardware brighter, but will not remove scratches. It is not possible to polish the hardware on a leather product as this will risk damaging the leather.

    -Cleaning the leather - this will nourish the leather, remove dirt and improve the appearance of some stains (please note pen marks, perfume marks, hair dye, water marks, spices are not removable.)
    We will try to lessen the appearance of scratches, but please note that they are not removable. We do not clean inside of bags as the lining is too sensitive and could thus damage the leather.

    -Corners/Edges - polishing the corners and edges.

    -Adding colour pigment - where necessary where the colour is coming off. Please note that we never re-colour the handles, small leather goods, straps due to the high risk of colour transfer.

    -Replacing leather (quoted separately) - as the existing leather has developed a patina during a period of use, any new leather may vary slightly in colour and texture.
    However, we will try to obtain the closest possible match to harmonise with the leather. This new leather will with time also develop a patina.
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  14. Hi,
    May I know how long u waited for the refurbish?which branch u sent it to?
  15. I dropped it off at Takashimaya. It took about 5 weeks, depends on the workload, turnover may varies.