Hermes spa pricing

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  1. About how much does Hermes charge for a spa treatment, and how long until I get my beloved bag back? I just purchased an "eggplant aubergine chamonix 35cm Kelly from Portero. I spoke to them directly after looking at the pics and it does have some minor scuffs on front and back from daily use. No deep scratches. If it was a car it would be buffed and then be perfect. I would like to send it for a spa treatment but am afraid what the cost might be. Any ballpark guesses? So excited- I have been searching for this bacg for 3 years now! :yahoo:
  2. The last I'd heard, the standard spa trip was $125. How long it will take is variable, though.

    HTH. :smile:
  3. Do I just take the bag to the Madison Ave store---its closer to me. Or do I have to call Hermes?
  4. Just take it in to Madison. They'll do the work there.
  5. Thanks so much Cinderlala!
  6. great, I spent 170 euro to get my 1995 box kelly spa'ed (it had very minor signs, it wasn't even sent to Paris but was polished in Milan) and get it monogrammed
  7. Anytime!

    Sorry Mary! :flowers: Perhaps the price has changed & is now the higher rate.
  8. I just got my 1971 black box Kelly back from the spa. It had some very deep down to the leather scratches, very bad. Also, it was not well taken care of -- it looked good, until it was touched, and then it sort of disintegrated. I took it at once to the boutique to send it to spa. Once Claude okayed and quoted the price of $300 I said to go ahead with the repair. I purchased the bag from a on-line consignment company at a very good price. The craftsmen had the bag from mid-July until mid-September. It looks great, feels wonderful, looks almost new. The scratches are covered (the ones that couldn't be repaired.) The best part was the price was only $100.
    i think it's really a case by case basis.
  9. So they do a great job then? My bag has minor surface buff marks and some tiny scratches on the paladium feet. Its very close to looking brand new. I cant wait to drop it off and see what comes back!
  10. what? forgive me for the newbie question but we have to pay for SPA treatment? I thought this was all taking care of considering the price of Hermes bags ?
  11. It should be okay. I am only familiar with what they did with my bag. They don't list prices. They give you an estimate via your SA.
    I just had a very happy surprise!
  12. No, the bags are lovingly cared for by you until you, feel as though the bag needs some professional help. Nobody tells you to take the bag to be refurbished, but when you pay into the 5 digits for a handbag, part of it's routine maintenance, like on a fine timepiece, is going to cost you a nominal price. Hermes really doesn't provide free care for your handbag. If you decide to have your bag to another place for refurbishment, or spray it with something yourself, the craftspeople at H can turn down a bag for spa services. They can tell. Again, this is an optional service. You don't have to do it, but you will have to pay a very nominal fee.
  13. What about SPA for exotics like crocs? Are they a LOT more expensive?
  14. I took my vintage black box Constance in for a spa treatment back in July and I believe it cost me about $240 USD. When it came back to me, I was so incredibly pleased - the craftsman's work totally exceeded my expectations! He was even able to "buff" out surface scratches to the gold hardware!
  15. I just took my Rouge Garance Birkin to the Spa in Rodeo Drive. It was there for 12 weeks and I paid $175. It had some white spots that were unnoticeable but my birkin was actually only a year old and i really wanted to keep it in perfect condition. It was re-dyed and now it looks brand new all over again. I dont even want to use it cause it looks like it just came out of the box!