Hermes spa pricing

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  1. thankyou! it is a preloved bag i bought last week and it got it at a very good price so it is worth the trouble :smile:
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  2. For anyone wondering recent spa price, I just received my Kelly 28 Black Clemence from spa and paid $330 including tax. This was just the basic service, and it was sent to San Francisco (I live in Chicago.) It took just about 4 months. :smile:
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  3. I would like to take my Picotin PM and Evelyne PM for a spa treatment--does anybody know about how much this would cost? Also, the closest Hermes to me is located in Fashion Valley in San Diego--anybody taken their bags there for treatment? TIA :biggrin:
  4. SD has sent 2 bags to spa for me. Excellent service. Don't know spa pricing for your bags. They always give you a quote. Good luck!
  5. Sent my Evelyne GM to spa last year in SF (my home store). Cost = $340 + tax. Took about 2 months.
  6. I was surprised that the h won’t clean the interior.
    Because my friend had puked in her birkin and h clean it for her
  7. I live in Finland and we dont have hermes store here, usually i bought things online. Recently i bought Constance from Vestiaire Collective its vintage 1979 and would like to send it to spa and repair. Do i have to contact nearest store (sweden) and send it by post than they will forward to paris, kr should i try to contact hermes paris? Would they repair so old bag?
  8. There's a story there just waiting to be told :biggrin:
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  9. Try contacting the Hermès customer service
  10. Try contacting Hermès customer service, and see what they say
  11. Hello everyone!

    Does anyone have experience sending wallets to the spa? I have a light blue Epsom Bearn wallet that looks dingy and is due for a refresh so that I can put it back in circulation :smile:. Would love to know anyone's experiences with timing and pricing for wallets. Thanks!!
  12. Sent my dogon duo (the main wallet, not the smaller zipped portion) to the SF H for spa/refresh in early August. Was told it would be 3+ months to complete. Got it back in 2. I had them fix loose stitches, totally replace the tab, and clean the interior and exterior. As usual, Dominique did a superlative job.
  13. Good to know! Mine needs similar work and I'll be in NYC next week so I was planning on bringing it in. How did the pricing compare to the bag services?
  14. I think total cost was $300 :smile:
  15. Hello does anyone know how much for changing of the hardware? Do they fix corner rubbing? Thanks