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  1. If I buy something in a Hermes boutique, under my profile but my SO pays for it on his card, it would still count towards my overall spend, right? Most of the payments on this profile would be on my card, but there would be occasional gifts from him on his card. (This question came up because I read an article on Pursebop about Hermes using family members' profiles)

    We generally do this in Dior, Chanel etc. when he is buying me a gift that I choose and there it's still my profile.
  2. Your receipt will list the client’s name. My husband has purchased things for me with his credit card on my profile but I was not allowed to buy things for myself with my credit card under his profile (different H store). They held the items until he could come purchase them himself. So best to check with your SA before purchase to make sure there is no confusion as store policies vary.
  3. Interesting. We will be together when we are buying it, so I will check.
  4. I should add that if your husband does not have a profile with the store, it should be a non issue. They aren’t likely to create a new profile for him while he’s buying things for you (especially with you standing right there) unless specifically asked by you to do so.
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  5. Love Mireya too
    The Orlando store is so warm and welcoming
    I sent cookies to the Orlando store as a thank you
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