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  1. Yes, I guess it's best to email them, but they want a telephone number when you contact them via their contact form and I don't want that. Thanks for your time to reply anyway.
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  2. The story on Lewis was heartbreaking as he didn’t make it. However, he will forever be in the hearts of many and opened many eyes to the devastation. Here’s the link to the Koala hospital to donate.❤️
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  3. Thank you, Rouge H! This adoption process looks fun.
    I like to watch utubes of koalas wrestling. The term "fighting" is too strong as I don't see that they're wounding anyone. It's like two very muscular teddy bears are rolling around trying to pin each other down. The koala that accomplishes this won the match. The other koala then wriggles out from under him and runs away. The winner goes up a tree and bellows its success hoping that lady koalas are within earshot.
  4. Hi,
    I would like to ask about Garden bag. Is it possible that vintage bag has no code like this?

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  5. A rare but beautiful albino koala (courtesy Twitter)
  6. Popping back in, friends. Which H bag do you think makes the most sense as a diaper bag? I was thinking the herbag or 2424 but I don't think it would be fun fumbling to open the bags with one hand!

    Garden party? And when diaper stage is done it's just a great bag?

    Any others?
  7. I would never use a leather bag as a diaper bag. A Vera Bradley cloth bag that is light weight and machine washable, makes much more sense.
  8. Is the Victoria or the Plume (think I got those names right) suitable?
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  9. I think India is right. You need something that is not precious in any way and washable for a diaper bag. Projectile vomiting, errant peeing and s'plodo poops are all everyday realities with very young children. Diaper bags should be machine washed and/or be somewhat disposable. Because they will get gross—very gross, even if you are careful.Also, get something that you can sling on your shoulder and wear cross body too. You need both hands free with babies and toddlers.

    hephephippo I know that the diaper stage seems to go on forever. But it will pass quicker than you think. Then you can carry nice bags and wear nice clothes.
  10. None of those. Please heed @India ‘s advice and save yourself the trouble. Like @etoupebirkin said, it comes down to hygiene. So unless you can afford to machine wash/dispose your H bag, then please stick to an actual diaper bag that is leakproof.
  11. Thanks everyone. Somehow I didn't think of mess or anything like that as my motherhood experience has been clean so far but I guess it's when babies become toddlers when things get really uncontrollably messy.. I miss dressing up and holding a bag so much! I know this will pass and the time with my baby is more precious than handbags but just could not help but miss wearing a nice bag sometimes! Now it's just for the date night.
  12. upload_2020-1-29_9-20-59.png

    This is a male koala. The males have the streak in their center chest which is a scent gland. I was told at the Palm Beach Zoo, which has both a male & female koala, that the male goes around rubbing just about everything in the enclosure in hopes of prompting the female's interest in mating. So, to paraphrase (but not by much), the male stinks the joint up with a strong eucalyptus smell. I did not smell anything into the enclosure at the time I was there.

    The keepers know that the female is getting ready to mate b/c she cleans out her pouch which has residue from the last joey (baby/young koala). Females only have a joey every couple of years b/c the eucalyptus leaves that are their entire diet don't have a lot of protein in them.

    This male is pretty darn cute.
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  13. I know this is an hermes thread but have you considered a goyard tote? It's a chicer way to have a diaper bag and you can still use it when the kid(s) are older! I have one for a diaper bag and I purchased an insert for it so I can pack bottles. It's easy to just wipe the bag if a tot decides to hurl a milk bottle etc towards the bag. I also put my hermes bag inside my LV or Goyard tote when traveling.
  14. I carry both a bag and a small tote bag, a YSL Roady. The latter is for a water bottle or two and some kleenex, possibly a paperback. Is it possible for you to carry a good bag on one shoulder and a carryall or diaper bag on the other?
    It's nice that you miss dressing up. That dressing up is important. You'll get back to it eventually. Think of all the new stuff, new fashions that you'll be able to catch up on!
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