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  1. This is a game changer. I would love to be able to hide my Hermes bags in a tote when needed! So a Goyard will be a good deal! Wow thanks never considered this. Are you able to share what insert you used for the Goyard tote?

    On the topic of totes I saw someone on Instagram post a pic with a moynat tote. I was never really into totes and do not own a moynat but now I wonder if that tote has the same material as the Goyard tote?

    I didn't see a forum for moynat bags so do any of our H folks know about moynat?
  2. @eagle1002us I love the optimism. Sadly my body is far from my pre-baby shape and it will take a lot of work to get back to it.. so I'm not too sure about fashion but I'm just glad I didn't outgrow any handbags and shoes!

    But perhaps one day I'll get back in shape and want to dress up like I used to again
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  3. In the aftermath of Karl Lagerfeld's passing, I spent a little time reading about his pet Birman cat, Choupette. Choupette had her own nanny, silverware, and other accoutrements reflecting her high status. Apparently Karl was besotted with the cat. He watched it for hours. The cat liked him, too, choosing (to Karl's delight) to sleep on his head. Karl wound up leaving his whole estate to Choupette. How this plays out legally I don't know. We're talking about a ton of money since he ran Chanel for something like 20+ years. To me this bequest seems like a gesture of a very lonely man, disconnected from humanity. Of course, it's his money, he's free to do with it what he wants. Anybody have any thoughts about this?
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  4. It reminds me of The Aristocats.
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  5. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/official-moynat-thread.719421/page-208
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  6. I agree that it makes it appear that Lagerfeld was disconnected from people. But he was very creative and maybe he was just eccentric when it came to his cat....
  7. Hi! what is this new little orange pockets with bag??
  8. Can you link to what you are asking about? Do you mean the orange shopping bag leather charm?
  9. OMG this is a leather charm?? I saw it on every new bag from Paris thread and thought it's new replacement of linen key bag)))
  10. @Rouge H, I hope to adopt a koala soon, maybe by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I look at the videos posted by the various relief organizations. I am so glad there is such a devoted cadre of Aussies so interested in preserving a future for their iconic animals that exist no where else.
    It's not clear that at the present one can even think of touring Australia's koala country. Maybe you know more about this situation than I do. We thought of going there next year but maybe it's better to go sooner rather than later? Have you been to Australia? Evidently the San Diego zoo has 20 koalas which will be the fall back solution if we can't make up our minds about Australia. But the latter is not much more expensive than going to Europe. The extended flight time would be fatiguing (we are not young) so maybe we would travel in a hop, skip and jump pattern with little layovers here and there.
  11. Being a devoted animal lover there’s no better feeling than helping these wonderful babies. My DH and I talk quite often about leaving our estate to the preservation/help of animals. I’ve never been to Australia and don’t think it would be a good time to visit, the fires are still raging. Unless you go to volunteer at the Koala hospital.
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  12. The provisions provided for Choupette fall right into place for an eccentric personality such as Karl's
    It didn't surprise me at all....
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  13. I was hoping the heat and fires would taper off as winter comes to Australia. Also, I wonder what's going to happen to them next year . . . more fires, more destruction of habitat? That's why I was toying with the notion of going this year.
    Leaving an estate to a cause that furthers animal welfare is an honorable thing to do.
    More power to you.
  14. Yes, I agree with that. To be really creative, that is, to be someone like him, a person exists on a whole different plane than the rest of us. Comes from seeing things differently than the rest of the world.
    I just hope that part or all of his estate goes into helping somebody or some cause (fashion school, koalas, etc.).
  15. Apparently a lot of people go to Australia to look at and and -- optimally -- hold a koala while their picture is being taken. They want to touch a koala. I have to admit I would love to hold such a soft fuzzy critter with a cute expression. I've read that some areas are still available to visit, like part of Kangaroo Island. At least half of the Island was devastated but not all. That's a big tourist attraction b/c it's a wildlife refuge. I think they are the place that has neon pink snails -- I saw a picture on some science site. All sorts of unusual critters evolved b/c the area is cut off from the mainland.