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  1. Please note there is no chatting allowed on this thread.

    All authenticators are volunteers and may choose to answer posts or not as they individually see fit. For guidelines on what/how to post look at the beginning of this thread.

    If you find your post ignored it may be for any reason

    'bumping', 'begging' or have a hissy fit will not help
    'Barking' when others try to help you will not help
    Playing the 'unfair' card will not help.

    If reg. members see a post that does not qualify for help you are of course free to prompt the poster (or ignore) but do not get drawn into an argument.

    If you find posters rude or breaking tPF rules please report.
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    This thread is for discussion on authenticity of Hermes bags. NOTE: The PurseForum requests that only members with an extensive knowledge of the brand and authenticating who have over 500 posts demonstrating deep brand knowledge as authenticators in this AT thread. The moderators reserve the right to remove authentications that do not meet these requirements.

    Rules for posting in this thread:
    • This is a free service. Our authenticators are volunteers providing their opinions, and who desire to keep counterfeiters and dishonest sellers from profiting from their trade, and to help buyers find authentic items.
    • Authenticators are not required to answer all posts and, for various reasons, some may not be answered.
    • We kindly ask that only members with over 500 posts demonstrating deep brand knowledge partake in authenticating.

    Reasons why some requests may not be answered:
    • We will not give authentication to members who buy and resell bags.
    • Authenticators will only comment on current, not closed, auctions and sales. We won't authenticate Instagram, Gumtree, Kijiji or CraigsList, Facebook or Etsy items.
    • Authenticators will only authenticate for members who post in a range of threads, instead of just requesting free authentication for designer items.
    • We will not authenticate for those who post photos only and cannot provide a link to a live online auction/sale.
    • If your request is not answered here, for whatever reasons, professional authentication services are available outside of PF.
    Steps to take before you request:

    1. SEARCH.
    Someone may have asked about this bag already.

    Search the Hermes Forum from our main Hermes Forum page using the search box at the top far right of the screen that says “search this Forum” . Select the option “posts” and type the name of the seller.
    If the bag has been asked about and you want to search for it later, highlight the name of the seller and an icon with a magnifying glass is shown. Click and you will see results for the seller in all tPF Forums.

    2. FORMAT.
    We use a format because it helps keep track of the bags. If you do not follow format your post may not be answered.

    Format for auctions found on eBay or other auction sites:
    Item: (Copy from listing)
    Listing number: (Copy from Listing)
    Seller: (Copy from listing)
    Link: (Copy from listing)
    Comments if any: Put any special comments you have here.

    Format for sales from sites of professional sellers:
    Item: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Listing number is applicable: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Seller: (name of the seller, eg. Malleries)
    Link: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Comments if any: Special comments here


    PICTURES: All these pictures are required for all authentications.

    Essential views for authenticating Hermes bags on the PF.

    - Front view of bag
    - Back view of bag
    - View of bottom of Bag
    - Zipper & its end
    - Hardware
    - Craftsman stamp
    - Hermes stamp + Top stitching
    - Clear picture of the interior lining
    - Base of the handles
    - Side view of the strap guides
    - Lock and key set, including numbers on keys and at the base of the lock

    Pictures should be clear, taken straight on, not an an angle, in good light and with the macro function of the camera.

    If the pictures are inadequate, authenticators may skip your request. For more information on how to post photos. visit this thread:
    Posting Photos

    Zero Feedback: Authenticators will always tell you to avoid a seller with no feedback. Do not bother asking.
    Check Feedback: Check the seller's feedback. Have they built up a quick bunch of positives for unrelated, perhaps inexpensive items? Have they sold Hermes or luxury goods before?
    Price: Is the price very very low compared to what the item should sell for? No one is going to sell an authentic item that should go for thousands for a few hundred (dollars, pounds, etc.). Do not bother asking about items on Gumtree, Kijiji or CraigsList, please. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
    Pictures: Are pictures blurry, taken from very far away or do they obscure details? A good seller will do whatever it takes to provide good, clear photos and solid information to prospective buyers.

    Do a search here and on Google for the seller name. Often, you will find other things they have sold and other feedback that helps provide a fuller picture of the seller.

    Take a good look at any feedback for luxury goods - unfortunately, shill bidding does take place on Ebay (meaning that sellers have friends bid on things for them and even buy them to create a false positive selling picture or increase price).

    Use sites like to see what negative feedback may have been left for a seller in the past (and what negatives they have left)

    Check their prior sales on Ebay - often, the same bag turns up again and again, making it less likely to be authentic.

    • Please use the REPORT function button to alert the mods to a troll or to rudeness on the boards. Ignore the poster until a mod can intervene.
    • Always be respectful when you post and treat others as you expect to be treated. This is an open thread and everyone is welcome to participate.
    • Please allow at least twelve hours before you repost your request. If the auction is ending soon, you may say so in your comments. Remember, we are just like you, and get on the PF when we have time, so please be patient.
    • Do NOT PM an authenticator or moderator to request authentication.
    • If you wish to reasearch a particular seller, please do it here.
    • Please refer to our reference section for general questions about Hermes. Finally, do not submit requests for something that is obviously a fake, e.g. the item says it is a replica, or a $200 Birkin.
    Take a moment to read Authenticator Perigord's great post on feedback.
    Remember!!!A seller with Zero (0) or low feedback is a RED FLAG :sos:

    Reminder Avoid Drama! This thread should be ON TOPIC at all times. After multiple warnings to stay on topic/avoid drama, you may be removed.


    All Authenticate This threads on tPF are meant to provide assistance to shoppers who are uncertain about the legitimacy and authenticity of designer goods. The evaluations posted by tPF's members are only opinions that stem from personal experiences as shoppers and collectors. They are not legally binding or professional authentications and are not to be treated as such.

    For questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the forum administration via the forum's contact form.
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  4. Hi, I modified the request with listing number. Hope the will help. Thanks

    Item: Hermes Kelly Retourne black swift
    Item number: 130920880929
    Seller: michaelhaykin

    Comment: I saw other Kelly with d date stamp that have the extra strap hooks. This one also is d but does not have that normal?

    Thanks for ur help
  5. Sorry; we don't comment on closed auctions.
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  8. I'm about to step into a subway. I don't know where the other authenticators are but as it's a Sunday, my guess is otherwise occupied. We get to requests when we are able.

    We ask that people post the same request only once in 12 hours. Sometimes we can look immediately. Sometimes we can't. If you need an immediate reply please consider using a paid service and informing them of the urgency of your request.

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  9. No hurry! I saw that the one after this was replied to so I assumed this one was skipped. I will be patient. Thanks!