"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. chag, boku, lizz & kristie- i'm :drool:! so much bling!
  2. i just saw that on ebay, listed in a store...search ritani
  3. I think Cushions look the best, followed by Round, then Princess.
  4. Gorgeous rings gals! SuLi, I drool everytime i see yours.
  5. I love rounds and cushions!!
  6. My engagement ring is currently being made by Leon Mege (should be done by end of July) and will look like the attached photo. I'm hoping it's not too "blingy" for everyday wear. :yahoo:


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  7. It will be gorgeous!! Post pics when you get it!
  8. ooh, cute rings everyone
  9. thithi - Thanks :shame:!

    babyclouds - I've read such wonderful things about Leon Mege's work (although I've heard he is somewhwat eccentric). Congrats! It will definitely be beautiful!
  10. Not possible! Looks gorgeous! Wear it without hesitation all you want.
  11. HEY! That looks just like MY ring! Only, mine is all diamonds. Last summer, I had to re-set the diamond my husband had given me for our 10th anniversary and at the same time I had to have one of my diamond stud earrings repaired, and my jeweler suggested I put the three stones together into one setting. I wear my original 18 YG wedding set with a much smaller diamond on my right 4th finger, and this one of the left. Thanks to this thread, I now know it is called a HALO setting!:tup:

  12. OMG!!! :drool::drool::drool: BEAUTIFUL!
  13. All the rings are stunning ladies!
  14. LOOOVE it =)
    What size is the round one? I am looking for a mounting similar...any suggestions on where I should look...tks!
  15. Heres my Halo -

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