"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. beautiful rings, ladies! keep 'em coming!

    Does anyone have a picture of a radiant/halo combo?
  2. Check out this vivid yellow radiant halo ring from Diamonds By Lauren...


  3. Thanks for the kind words!

    I love my ering!

    And I love a halo with an emerald, asscher or cushion. Those are my favorites.

    The diamonds tend to be symmetrical and clean lined...and the halo just looks fab with it...in my opinion.

    Not sure I'd love a radiant...but who knows!
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  4. Gorgeous ring! I really love the halo setting with an asscher.
  5. Gosh DiaDiva
    that ring looks beautiful :love: wonder what the price tag is on that one! :biggrin:
  6. This is my favorite. I want it for a right hand ring.

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  7. I'm not very much into fancy colored diamonds, but OMG! I am :drool:! I love the design! Thanks!!! I am partial to radiant shape, but I had no idea what it would actually look like in halo setting. Let's just say I'm in love!

    Any idea what the specs are on this ring?
  8. It costs a mere $25,500.00 :graucho:...specs can be found on his site...


    ETA: David has tons of halo rings on his site. Have fun surfing...
  9. A very dirty 20.0 ctw approx Aquamarine with microset diamonds :tup: The :heart: of my life built it for me

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  10. This one is gorgeous! Where is it from?
  11. Here are mine..

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  12. ^stunning!
  13. Here's my e-ring, a 1.08 cushion center halo ring.

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  14. Has anyone ever seen an oval cut with a halo setting?
  15. Here is my right hand (but on my left in the pic) ring. It is a 2 ct princess cut center diamond with 1 ct trapezoid cut trillions on the sides paved by 40 tiny little diamonds. I am playing with my camera to get better pics, it is SO much sparklier IRL.

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