"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. heres mine...the pic isnt the greatest...if you click on the pic you can enlarge it!

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  2. Beautiful rings everyone. I currently have a round solitaire on a platinum band. I'm seriously thinking about changing my setting; halos are gorgeous!! :heart:
  3. I love halo style rings! I'm soooo jealous!!!
  4. Beautiful halo's everyone!

    Adding mine to the collection...

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  5. glad to see so many halo setting lovers...

    hope to contribute my Aquamarine legacy with halo setting soon...
  6. Here's mine :smile:

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  7. kmcq, I love your ring!!!!!! Especially the thinness of the band... can you tell me the specs of your band?
  8. beautiful halos!
    pls keep the pics coming. =)
  9. For the ladies who have posted and for those that will post, please tell us how many mm's wide are your beautiful halo rings?
  10. Thank you! :smile: The band is very thin- it's just a litle bit over 1 mm wide.
  11. I know you wanted to see diamond halo rings, but I don't think anyone's posted an oval shape yet. Mine's an oval tourmaline with halo.

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  12. ^i've never seen a halo on an oval! it looks great!
    i have a cushion solitaire but i adore cushions with halos, followed by radiants.
  13. more pics, please!
  14. i posted a pic before but it wasnt good...this is a bigger pic

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