"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. Here is my 1.09 ct RB set in a halo but can't remember the size of the surrounding diamonds. Sorry, the ring is a bit dirty. :shame:

  2. ladies, love love LOVE all your halos!!

    having been on this site for a while, i have DEFINITELY fallen in love with all of your halo settings - not that i'm anywhere NEAR an engagement, but you know...a girl can always dream...

    i have to honestly say that the halo makes every shape and cut more beautiful. really love how it makes the ring look more delicate. I'm big into antiques and I love how the micropave really brings out that look.

    Love all the rings!!
  3. personally, i think all the different cuts look beautiful with the halo....when DH and i were shopping, halo's just weren't that popular yet and i decided it wasn't for me. i think they are pretty on other people, but just didn't like it for myself. they do help to make a stone look HUGE, though, those diamonds look ten times bigger!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Here is my halo pendant

  6. ^I've never seen that cut with a halo, REALLY PRETTY!!

  7. It was originally a ring I got from my grandmother, and I hated it.

    It was really hard to find the perfect setting, since it is cut straight on 2 sides and curved on the bottom.

    Here is another photo of it

  8. I recently got a halo setting diamond ring and earrings that I absolutely love (sorry gals, no pics yet). Everyone's jewelry is so gorgeous!!!

    Does anyone know if it's okay to clean these types of rings in an ultrasonic cleaner? Or is that bad for the small diamonds that form the "halo"?
  9. I think round, radiant, and cushion look great with a halo. I would avoid doing a square cut.
  10. ^ Pears look great as well.... Princesses dont look as great to me when theyre in halos.
  11. bump! need more halo pics! keep 'em comin, ladies :graucho:

  12. oooooh! please do post when you get the pics!!! i'd love to see halo earrings (and of course the ring also)!!!

  13. I am almost positive that you can't clean these types of micro pave/pave/halo diamonds because it could make them fall out.
  14. I am going to post a my all time favorite HALO it's not mine so I hope the girl doesn't mind but I really really love it. My engagement ring is a round and I would like to double prong the corners to make my round look square and place it in this setting. Let me know what you think

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  15. love the halo ring settings ladies! keep them coming!