"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    After browsing some ring threads here, I absolutely fell in love with "halo" settings. I'm not a big jewelry person, so I was completely unfamiliar with this style of setting - it was love at first sight! :heart:

    That being said, I was wondering what shape diamonds you think look best in halo settings.

    If you have pics, please share!!!
  2. I have a halo set e-ring...with a cushion cut stone. I love it. A picture is attached below...not the prettiest hands, but you get the idea.

    Are you thinking about that setting for an e-ring or just a fun ring in general?

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  3. Suli!! That is stunning!!!!!
  4. Suli, what an absolutely beautiful ring you have!!! Looks so pretty on you, too. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL ring, Suli!!! I was almost blinded!!! :P

    Although an engagement is probably a while off, the BF and I are looking into possible styles I might like.

    As I mentioned, after being introduced to halo settings on this forum, I absolutely fell in love! I don't really have a particular shape ring that I know I want (although I'm partial either to radiant or cushion cut), so I want to know what experience other TPF'ers have had, what shape diamond they have, how this shape looks halo set, etc.

    Thanks for all your help!
  6. I will have to take better pix of mine but it is a halo setting with a round brilliant stone in it.

    LOVE Micropave halo settings!!!
  7. Same here..after surfing this forum, I've started liking halo setting too!
  8. i have a halo setting with an emerald cut. mine isn't a diamond but i've seen/tried on halo rings with EC diamond centers and i :heart: them. however i'm very to partial to emerald cuts for e-rings....so take that rave for what it's worth. :smile:

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  9. Beautiful! I love the emerald/halo combination!
  10. Suli,
    I love your ring! :love: Do you mind letting me know the specs? :smile:
  11. Sure!

    My ring was custom made for me. I've always wanted an antique ring, but my FI was against them for some reason. He did an amazing job though...I had absolutely NO clue that he was going to propose. It's based an an antique ring that I have been drooling over for years.

    The center stone is a cushion brillant, 1.19 carats and the halo portion has .16 carats. It's a D color with VS1 clarity. It's on a platinum band without extra diamonds (I've always wanted a ring without the "extra" bling on the band), and has gorgeous scrollwork down the sides of the band. I've had people tell me it's Tacori-esque. My ring size is 4.5.
  12. I think asschers look lovely with halos...here is a pic of mine...

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  13. what's a halo setting? sorry for the dumbness, just not familiar with it. thx
  14. ^ It's the "ring" around the stone...so, essentially a "halo" around the stone. I hope that helps!

    littlelysser - Your ring is gorgeous! I love asscher cuts in the halo setting as well.
  15. wow, thanks suli, i would have never guessed. ladies, your rings are gorgeous!