Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  1. I’m looking for any additional information on the below Gucci bags. These were all owned by my grandmother and most likely purchased between 1968 and 1982. I believe they are all crocodile. My grandmother passed before I was born and I would like to know any bits of history on these bags. Any tips for storage, care, repair of these bags?

    The pink bag, I believe is the 1973 style bag.

    The burgundy and yellow bags, I have not been able to find anything similar.

    The brown bag with gold chain, I have been able to find a similar style on the internet, but have no idea if the purse has a name or anything.

    See second post with additional pictures. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  3. Late '60s

    The stirrup has been repaired at some point by a non-gucci craftsperson.

    They all need stuffing when stored and professional care.
  4. Thank you! The insight is greatly appreciated. It is nice to know the years.

    Also, just to confirm, is the stirrup the yellow bag? I thought the “single G” hardware looked a little wonky on it...
  5. I've been loving using my GAC boston and have bought some other vintage Gucci cross-bodies that I adore and will share soon. I just got this one today though, and even though I specifically asked the seller about the lining condition - they said it was fine. But the lining is so flakey! I did get a good deal on it, and like the fact that there is a bag based on it in the current Ophidia line (the GG supreme medium shoulder bag here but feel like I need to return it even though the outside is pristine because I don't know how I can put things in it with the lining in this condition. Looking through the threads it looks as though there is nothing i can do about the lining. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with this problem?

    For anyone interested the dimensions are exactly the same as the current version, but the strap drop is a lot less

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  6. I've found some more threads about the lining issue, so now deciding whether to try and brush it out and vacuum it or just return it! I'm just annoyed with the seller seeing as I specifically asked about the lining to avoid this...
  7. What is the name of this purse? I absolutely love it!!!!!!
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  8. Honestly have no idea! It’s a vintage bag but it has feet, handles and a crossbody strap so it’s literally PERFECT. I hope you find one!
  9. Any Diana shopper tote owners that could shed some light? I just received this purchase and found the leather to be very stiff/shiny and it does not have the typical leather smell/feel. Has anyone else found this to be the case with their all leather shopper tote/Diana bags from the 90’s?

    I was anticipating a softer leather, perhaps a bit more « meaty » or lush like my Togo leather, whereas this feels very « manufactured /processed», but was interested to hear others’ experiences/wisdom. Attached is a comparison pic to show the difference.

    Also, this one has a canvas lining vs. The « prone to peel » leather. Has anyone else purchased a Leather Vintage Diana bag with plain canvas lining?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experience!

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  10. Could be as a classic bag it was made as a Summer piece. Gucci's Summer bags often had canvas or cotton. It looks like Boar across the top so perhaps not calf at all.
  11. Thanks for the insight and knowledge PaperTiger (and amazingly speedy response)! That might also help explain why the date code is vs. other similar ones that were xxx.xxxx.xxxx.

    Has anyone been able to figure out the method of determining year codes? This one is 002.123.0260. And was this just called a bamboo shopper tote or did it have a different name?

    Thanks for taking the time to share and enlighten us.
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  12. [​IMG] Here is a handbag. Probably 60s or 70s. Please PM if you can enlighten me.
  13. I cannot post photos it seems. What's the trick?