Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  1. I thought Gucci sub-forum should have an information thread here for people seeking knowledge on their own vintage bags and for experts to link in response for questions that appear over and over again.

    All questions concerning authenticity should be posted in the 'Authenticate This Gucci'
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  2. Vintage names

    Most vintage bags do not have names only model numbers

    Some vintage bags do have names such as:

    The Jackie or Bouvier, named after Jackie Bouvier/Kennedy/Onassis

    The Bardot named after the French actress Brigitte Bardot

    The Britt named after the Swedish actress Britt Ekland

    There was also a Gucci Kelly style named after Grace Kelly (even though the Kelly is more associated with Hermes) which meant a box shape with single top handle and a staple for Gucci and could be made to order.

    Grace Kelly also inspired the original Flora pattern and it was made especially for her in the 1966. 40 years later the print inspired the 2006 S/S collection.

    All of the ladies who inspired these bags were regular customers of Gucci long before the bags were made.
  3. The Gucci Accessory Collection was created in the late 1970s and early 1980s and was under control of Gucci's Perfume division. Although it was supposed to only cover key-rings and cosmetic bags etc many coated canvas handbags were also produced.
  4. thanks for educating me :hugs:. gotta know what im talking about when answering somone lol.
  5. :kiss:

    Thank you iadmireyoo . Please feel free to add any general/specific vintage info as you find or remember.

    Thas goes for everyone of course, please feel chime in any-time with any snippet of info that you think could help others.

    ...and of course if there is a question that specifically concerns vintage maybe someone can help you through asking this thread.
  6. Thanks for the interesting information.

  7. 10 frequently asked vintage (and pre-loved) questions regarding repair.

    Gucci are usually able to repair/restore vintage bags so long as they think an outcome can be achieved to the high standard that Gucci deem befitting to any Gucci product.

    1.Where shall I take it?

    1. Take/send to your nearest Gucci Customer Services. Be specific but realistic about what you want done to the bag.

    2. Will it cost?

    2. Some people have been charged an appraisal fee but others like myself have been informed of the estimate for repair/cleaning upon inspection.

    3. How long will it take?

    3. The bag/item may take months and months to get back, so be prepared to wait. Gucci may have to find the right type or colour of leather. Gucci will call you when it's ready or if for any reason they could not carry out the work after all.

    4. Can Gucci do something that was not on the original design like change the type of leather of the strap?

    4. NO. Gucci will stay true to the original design aesthetic. If you ask for something different your item will come back untouched.

    5. Can Gucci restore labels and tags?

    5. No. If someone tampered with a label added a stamped sale sign or punched a hole Gucci will not change it.

    6.Will Gucci put a new leather/canvas strap on my belt as I only have a buckle?

    6. No. Gucci need the leather strap to id the model number, date designed and leather type.

    7. My bag/item was badly repaired by a non-Gucci repairer, will Gucci still take it?

    7. No. Gucci will not touch a Gucci product that has at sometime been repaired somewhere else.

    8. Will Gucci clean the inside of my bag?

    8. No Gucci will only clean the outside of bags.

    9. Can Gucci repair the inside of my canvas bag - it's flaking and the colour is comming off on everything in my bag.

    9. No. This is a common problem in GAL bags and some canvas and leather trimmed 1980s vintage travel bags Gucci can do nothing about this, best to line the bag with protective acid-free tissue paper or tale or scrub/brush as much flakey top stuff off as poss to prevent further damage.

    10. Can Gucci replace or hardware?

    10. In some cases yes in others no. Usually no. It depends on the model of the item. They will never put a different piece of hardware that would do the 'job' but looks different to the original, however similar the new piece. If it a case of a standard piece like a popper, they may be able so change it.
  8. Gucci Plus manufactured in Mexico

    Paolo Gucci (grandson on GG) wanted to create more commercial products under his own name but was refused by other members of the family and was fired from the company. Alone, he set up manufacture in Mexico for bags called he called Gucci Plus. In 1987 he won a court case that allowed him to use the Gucci name on products he produced but had to be trademarked as recognisably different to those of the main Gucci. Paolo died in 1995.

    Gucci Plus products are not recognised by Gucci as Gucci, and will not be repaired/cleaned/restored by Gucci after care.

    Gucci Plus products are one of those 'grey areas' in terms of authenticity, but always interesting in terms of history.
  9. Hello, I know I've posted this before, but here are some more detailed photos. Can anyone tell me an approximate time period? It has a serial number, I believe it's 10 digits long.

    Also, should the back zipper have the gold zipper pull charm?

  10. louislover260 ^

    It's mid-late 1980s

    It's a document holder.

    This model wouldn't have ever had a charm-pull
  11. Thanks papertiger

    Is the back zipper pull correct though? It just seems odd.
  12. What makes you doubt the zipper? If you want to post a close-up, that would be easier for me to judge but from this distance it looks appropriate for this model and the right colour.
  13. It is authentic. I see the YKK zipper, it is a little odd looking (the zippers on many of the vintage pieces leave something to be desired, IMO) but it is correct. I own this exact model and love it! I use it as an oversized clutch and sometimes a document/portfolio holder. :nuts: If you still have doubts, you can always post pics, including the serial number and zipper, in the AT thread for PT and other vintage experts to look at. I have no doubt it is authentic, and in great condition! ;)
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  14. Oh, and the zipper isn't gold on this piece.
  15. JessieRose, can you post photos of yours? I've only ever seen another one once, in the blue color! I would have bought it, but it was in such rough shape. :sad:

    I have no doubt it's authentic, I had it authenticated on here back in 2009 when I got it, but like you said, zippers leave something to be desired. To me it's just so boring, I wasn't sure if it had been replaced somewhere along the way or not.
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