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I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
I asked this in the body of a reply on another thread but I don't know if it will get lost...

Can anyone explain to me how you post those beautiful photos of the bags you are discussing? I can find the photos on the web but I don't know how to cut-and-paste them here.


Posting images is quite easy! You can use the forum's attachment function to attach pictures. Your images will be thumbnailed and attached inline to your post/thread. See the button in the screen capture below? You can find the "Manage Attachment" option every time you write a thread or response, just scroll down below the post editor. Click it, and a popup will spawn. Select a max. of 5 images and click Upload. Just close the window then and submit your post or thread. Voila!


Alternatively, if your pictures are hosted with a free image hosting service, you can directly use the image link and wrap


tags around it (remove the . before the img). Please make sure not to hotlink off other people's sites though, we don't want to leech their bandwidth. Use ours instead. :amuse:

Hope this helps! :idea:
Just for everyone to know-- any tech problems or questions can be answered, nearly 100% of the time, by Vlad. He's brilliant when it comes to this stuff!! Never hesitate to ask questions!! Enjoy the Forum and all the cool things that come with it!! :biggrin:
OK, I'm still a bit lost. Where do I find the screen that has the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS menu? Is that part of my profile and options or is it on each page that I use when I start or respond to a thread?! I just don't see it....

HermesLover said:
Vlad- How do you post using your own pic? ie your water droplet


Nothing easier than that. Click the User CP link in the navigation bar above. That'll lead you directly to your User Control Panel. Then navigate to Edit Avatar link. There you can upload your own avatar from your computer, assuming it is within the maximum allowed size. 100x100 pixels is the maximum width and height, while 5KB is the max file size. :idea:
Michelle F said:
One q: how do people post "full-size" pictures? I don't know why all of mine end up as thumbnails... thanks
You can attach the full size images like i mentioned before. clicking on the resulting thumbs will show the full size images.
You will need to use an image processing program. Like Picasa, Photoshop, ACDSee or the like. Do you have any of these programs installed on your machine?