Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  1. I only have the tote´s striped one. The second one (shoulder/crossbody) was removed wen inside linen was restored (but an approximation please?). Thank you so much :smile:
  2. this one is from the 1980s

  3. Hi Papertiger, just to give you an update on my bag. Ie eventually managed to get an email to the Gucci museum in Florence through the Gucci website. I was contacted by the museum and they were very interested in the bag and offered to purchase it from me. However, after some consideration I have decided to keep it at the moment as I haven't had chance to use it yet. I have left it open that if I did want to sell in the future that I would get in touch with them. They couldn't give me any more information about the bag because apparently it isn't their policy to discuss these things.
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  4. Hi can someone tell me what this bag's name is and the possible era? I have been researching here and online but couldn't find much info on the bag. I wanted to see inside view and any info on the bag. Thank you.
  5. 20181102_135219.jpg 20181102_135231.jpg Last try to add the correct pictures.
  6. I think that's a big mistake on their part! Perhaps it may need weeks of investigation. It's the kind of standard response that does not endear present and future Gucci fans (hope they are reading this). The fact the were willing to buy it means you know it's rare as they don't buy what they have plenty of.

    Enjoy your beautiful bag :tup:
  7. I would post this on the AT Gucci thread and give me more close-ups of everything (no flash) cos the bag stye, bag materials and the inside tag and labels are seriously out of kilter.
  8. Papertiger,
    I just posted the question again over there. Do you mean it might be possibly fake? I couldn't find many bags of this exact style online. Thank you for the advice.
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  9. Well said PT! I’d understand their response for regular plentiful bags but given the rarity of the bag and original packaging AND that they offered to buy it, they should have done a bit more research. I know if it were me, I’d have loved the challenge of the research but I’m a vintage nerd... Well said PT, well said...
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  10. Wow, what a find this is!
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  11. Hi! Just got a new vintage bag on the Real Real and am curious about when it’s from! Attached are some pictures :smile: thank you!!
    1C91FB24-E085-4F3E-BCF6-8F1E240D8430.jpeg 4506F803-F55A-44E7-A2B2-B5AAED26C327.jpeg B8512204-BFAA-47F3-ADBC-53D08427D97F.jpeg 93CC055D-A72B-4DBD-B6A0-CCC78EBFFB3C.jpeg B0D7FF25-9726-42D8-A31C-4563B6DE32FA.jpeg B9FDD964-6D99-4F0F-B52E-7E89BA246E79.jpeg 750C826D-B69C-40D2-9BFE-F56898EA3D11.jpeg 024AA29E-FEF2-449F-835F-7F75AD038BED.jpeg
  12. Hi, I am looking to get some info about this bag. It says Gucci Boutique on the inside. Any info would be great, Thank you.
  13. Can't tell much by 1 pic of the bag, sorry.
  14. Hey @papertiger! You seem to be the expert :smile: any insight on this bag? Very much appreciated. Thank you

  15. Hi @papertiger, I just bought a vintage Gucci bag. Here are some pictures I took. Please help me authenticate it so I can decide if I have to return it or not. Thank you so much in advance :smile:

    Edit: Please add to the Authenticate This Gucci thread, this is not the correct thread for that PT