Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  3. Sorry, the image wasn't uploading for some reason. Hope this helps. IMG_0670.JPG
  4. Thankyou this thread helped alot!
  5. From the pic, and whichever this part is, it looks like boar (pigskin)
  6. Thanks, yes I thought it probably was.
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  7. Hello! I would love to know more about this bag, it was purchased new by me at NM Gucci boutique anywhere from 10-20 years ago. I only remember that it was at sale time, it was missing the price tag and the sales associate made a handwritten tag and priced it around 500-700.00. I know that’s really vague but it’s a start. I always assumed it was embossed but the skin pattern is too irregular and Papertiger has told me in another thread that it’s croc. I would love to know if it had a style name and who was designing Gucci at the time. Pictures include the dust bag and booklet in case it helps with dating.
    FDD89332-218D-457C-BF0A-924D9765FD86.jpeg E4DD123B-753E-4CEB-B836-760EC536D588.jpeg 303EF523-36F5-475C-8350-C94FF36CE4C0.jpeg 799D36AB-8D72-4C65-A5D6-BDEE3C096718.jpeg
    39807858-CEBE-4DCB-B055-EBC4789756AA.jpeg 260379AE-029A-4E0C-B917-A5938DABAA82.jpeg
    Thank you very much for your help!:flowers:
  8. An early Millennium bag (TF as CD - Frida joined the company as handbag designer in 2002). People think TF when they wave their post-2003 bags but actually she designed them, your bag is slightly earlier. Strangely Gucci was more popular for its TF RTW at that time but it's a good example of the little minimalist shoulder bags in fashion at that time. That it's croc means there won't have been many so pretty rare.
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  9. Thank you, PT! It’s funny I’ve always loved this bag and dreamed of owning a “real croc” bag in this color. :lol: My dream came true! I’m glad it’s minimalist style still feels fresh to me.
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  10. Beautiful piece.
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  11. Ladies and Gents - Thank you. I’ve gone through every post and you all have some AMAZING pieces. Comments/Advice incredibly informative. Definitely inspiring me to start collecting! Thank you!
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    Hello ladies :smile:
    I’m new here and oldie lover so would like to post a couple of them I got recently. Please, could someone tell me the year of production and style? Many thanks in advance!:heart:
    note: second one has three compartments and no serial because interior has been restored.
  13. Nobody?:blush:
  14. We need an inside shot of the tag to date
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