Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  1. That is the only photo I have. The bag was my Mothers and is currently at my cousins house. I did find one bag online that is the same style, different leather here, and has the same marking inside. This bag also has that marking, with a better closeup to see it. This tells me 1960's and I am guessing an upper end for value. The designation 'Boutique' makes me think it is either a product line or an identifier of where it was made, or both. I am sure my mother owned this bag for at least 30-40 years. She left about 40 bags with brands like Tod's, Sabina, Lisette, Fugatti, Furla, Magid, Koret, Hanae Mori, Frenchy, Ande.. all seem to be vintage. So I am learning about handbags and it is difficult to match these {older} bags to find info about them.
  2. Does anyone know what time period this clutch is from? Thank you!
    IMG_6600.JPG IMG_6601.JPG IMG_6603.JPG IMG_6604.JPG IMG_6606.JPG
  3. Thanks so much! I'm so in love with it.
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  4. Hello all! First post here. I recently purchased a vintage Gucci tote in a print I've been obsessed with but have never been able to find any information about and I'd love it if any of you could help me out. As far as I can tell this print is very rare, at least I've hardly ever seen it compared with Flora or the GG diamond. I've seen it in a few different styles on various vintage selling sites -- a men's button down, a beach towel, and handbags (my tote, a similar tote with a single strap, a clutch or wallet, and a bucket bag). I've only ever seen this blue colorway. I think it's from the 80's, give or take a few years (I found an ad featuring a beach towel from '94). I'm a textile designer myself and really interested in fashion history and I'm in love with this print and would love to learn more about it. Thanks!!

    Description for anybody who might be searching like I was ;) -- checkerboard or patchwork or tile design featuring GUCCI in large black capital letters, plus illustrations of flowers, butterflies, loafers, teacups, boots, horse bit, peaches, oranges, fish, purses, and a sun motif. Ground colors are blue, dark blue and white/cream.
    15472382137282768045047026770033.jpg 15472382363048183089230298148755.jpg
  5. I'd have to see the inside tag but as far as I know it was only the mid-90s
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  6. Thank you! Do you by any chance know the name of the print? Here's the inside tag:
    15473269484444513196574789292123.jpg 15473269840833457319246866159271.jpg
  7. Hi, vintage Gucci experts! I have learned so much from this thread! I recently purchased this little gem and based on everything I've read/feeling the bag in person, I'm certain it's authentic. I'm just wondering if you can help me with an approximate "birthday". I can't seem to find anything similar on any forum/google search and the serial number isn't helping. Thank you!!
    bag 1.jpg bag 2.jpg bag 3.jpg bag 4.jpg bag 5.jpg bag 6.jpg
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  8. Late '80s-early '90s
  9. Thanks so much to @papertiger for this thread! It's been amazing to read through and learn so much. I'm really happy to share the outcome of me reading this - my first two vintage bags that arrived on the same day last week! I love them both I think the left hand one is 1950s - I found a picture of it in an advert that was dated 1950s so going off that! I'm assuming there is no style name, it has the number 21 inside if that provides any info. The boston is a GAC, thinking early 1980s. I can't really find any info on the black canvas and there doesn't seem to be as much around, so would be nice to learn a bit more about it if anyone knows!

    I have worked on them a bit, but have a couple of questions on each:
    - The GAC had been stored away for a long time, and so the canvas is quite stiff. It is set into folds at the bottom and sides. I'm hoping this will get better through use. Or I could really overstuff it? I'm a bit worried about the canvas cracking. Is there anything I can use to soften up? (Although I guess I don't want it too soft, it's quite good having the hard bottom to keep the shape). It is non-coated canvas, so haven't had much luck searching through the forum since everything seems to be about coated bags.
    - I have read papertiger's advice/warnings on looking after patent leather, so keeping that in mind, but it doesn't seem to be sticky yet. The front clasp is gold, but the triangle bit is silver - I thought it was tarnished, but it won't come off and so looks like the silver has worn away to show the metal underneath - any suggestions about what I can do about it? The handle is a bit wonky - not sure how to straighten it out except through use? Also, I'm vaguely thinking of getting the handle removed and getting a chain strap, is that crazy?

    My resolution this year was to buy all clothes/accessories vintage or preloved, in an attempt to be more sustainable and this thread got me really excited about discovering the history of vintage bags, which I hadn't even thought about and find really interesting! OI000042.JPG 1950s-Gucci.jpg
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  10. I have been searching for this bag of Carrie's from Sex and the City for YEARS and cannot seem to hunt it down. I'm almost certain it is a vintage Gucci bag and am hoping to identify it - if not, what brand is it? Do you know of any lookalikes? For reference this s from SATC Season 2, Episode 27 (1999).
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  11. 1990s. I'll have to research the name of the print
  12. So fantastic thank you.

    Patent leather was at an early stage then so yes, please be careful.

    I would store knitwear in the Boston for a few weeks and see if that makes a difference but the canvas will straighten out over time with use anyway.
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  13. There was a Gucci bag like this from the 1950s (but it was copied by other designers too, esp. Italians like Cesare Paccini and Roberta di Camerino). I will be on the lookout for other pics.