Authenticate This GUCCI

  1. Might have done this one before.

    Looks OK
  2. Looks OK
  3. This is OK. Part of a luggage set
  4. Fake
  5. No bright red flags but I need a better pic of the inside tag
  6. Tag pic is not sufficient
  7. No red flags but I need a pic of the rolled hem and the whole scarf right ad reverse side
  8. Fake
  9. Too old for a serial number. Looks good (actually, looks beautiful too).
  10. Fake
  11. Good day
    Would like your opinion for this bag. Thank you
    Item Name (if you know it): bucket bamboo bag
    Link (if available):
    Seller: bought second hand
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: seller said it came from Japan
    20190107_102109.jpg Thank you
    20190107_102118.jpg 20190107_102210.jpg 20190107_102254.jpg 20190107_102433.jpg 20190107_102312.jpg 20190107_102243.jpg