Gucci Vintage Information Thread

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  1. Hi PT.. want to let you know this thread is amazing!! been learning alot from reading this thread! :smile: I came across a vintage Gucci and was wondering if anyone could help me date this bag.. the seller is guessing it's from the 80s.. thanks in advance! :smile:


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  2. This vintage Gucci also contains a key to open the bag. I suspect it is from the 1950's because of the logo. Is it exclusive, rare? What is the approximate value?

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  3. This vintage (? 80s) camel horse bit beauty is making its way to me. I might still need to get the canvas version with brown trim though! :biggrin:

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  4. Slightly later. You'll need to feed it, it's very dry.

    It would have been aimed at guys. Typical Gucci, not particularly rare and certainly not exclusive but very classic and lovely to have.
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  5. Late '60s early '70s. later they didn't bother with the craftsman's stamp (Mr/Ms. 42) I can tell the date too from that particular fine horse-bit style because similar hardware on a pair of ladies heeled loafers that are early 1970s.

    As you can see it's related to the 1955 and is one of those bags that gets revived for every generation, 1980s included. Frida did them with the oversized horse-bits and called them the Horse-bit Chain (Shoulder) bag in a stamped leather in the '00s but it's the same bag essentially.

    Get both. Keep both!!
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  6. I'm guessing '80s too but this was a very 1960s design and I've never seen a 1980s one. You may want to get paid for authentication just in case.
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    You’re an incredible fountain of knowledge and as ever so helpful and articulate. Thank you.
    The bag arrived but it was smaller than stated- the seller’s measurements were the same as the current, revived version but they were smaller in real life. So it’s not love and going back, sadly. I will try and get a new one though, cannot wait for this!

    Thank you again for the wonderful wealth of information, I love this thread. The visuals are also
    stunning. Trying to get through a bit, every day.
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  8. My pleasure.

    So sorry the bag didn't work out. Can't believe how many people can't be bothered to get a tape measure out.
  9. Let me have a look at the inside sig. Certainly no earlier than mid 1960s from the monogrammed print
  10. Is it not pecari?

  11. Boar

    Pecari are also from the pig family (hence the little spots on the skin from the coarse hair) but are smaller and their skins usually made into gloves and smaller items that need to be very both very supple and hardwearing. Pecari skins are even more very expensive than boarskin. Boar of course live in the wild in Tuscany.
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  12. I joined this forum many years ago and forgot all about it until I came across it again. I'm a collector with approximately 700 pieces in my collection. I'll share a few photos.

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  13. Here's one more... I'll post more occasionally. Hope you guys enjoy the photos

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  14. Looks as good as any museum.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection. Loving your Leonardo print pieces especially.

    I 'only' have around 40 Gucci bags. You make me feel better about my 'capsule collection' ;)
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