Gucci sales-outlet-web-and auction deals CHAT thread

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  1. Yes but I'm about a 6 hour drive away, and they don't have mailing lists the way the US outlets do
  2. Will any of the UK SAs text with you, and then do a charge send? 99.9% of my Gucci outlet purchasing is via text, since I’m about 4 hours away from the closest outlet. After I confirm what I want, my SA will call for my payment info, ring it up, and send the items out. Hope they can do that for you!
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  3. I'm going to call tomorrow. I went to a department store today, they have a Gucci concession, and there wasn't much to choose from.
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  4. Sad, right ?
    I want to try the Gucci Outlets for the slippers with fur... I have the ones I love, and don't want to spend a thousand bucks for the one I just like... but want to have a few in my collection. torn yet again
  5. It is. I'm not going to impulse buy something I'm not in love with.
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  6. I concur... that's another type of sickness.
  7. Anybody know where I can get a blue blooms cosmetics or pouch from? I’ve been wanting one so bad :doh:
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  8. Do you have access to an outlet or can you call one? Last time I was at outlet couple months ago there were blooms pieces. I don’t recall exactly which pieces. Good luck
  9. ..
  10. try the gucci outlet in secaucus nj
  11. Gucci outlet Rosemont (Chicago) had these about a week ago.
  12. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone knew when the next price increase would be? specifically in the UK? Do they usually put up their prices once or twice a year? and if so, what time of the year? Do they have any sales anymore? Any help or information would be much appreciated xx
  13. I’m not sure when the price increases are, but Gucci very, very rarely goes on sale anymore.
  14. I'm in New Jersey and wasn't aware of the Gucci Secaucus Outlet... must check it out. Thanks !
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  15. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone had information on these earrings. Seems like they're only available at Macy's and ssense. Are they an older style that has sold out elsewhere? Thanks! Screenshot_20190118-132927.jpg
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