Gucci sales-outlet-web-and auction deals CHAT thread

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  1. To be honest I think it’s pretty unlikely although not impossible. Last year I was able to snag a disco on sale at Saks on line with a private presale link they sent. But these bags typically do not go on sale and your unlikely to find at the outlets. :sad:
  2. I literally want to kick myself for not purchasing one when Gucci had private sales
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  3. Aw sorry. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as the department stores are now starting sales.
  4. Fingers crossed !!
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  5. Well I received the preview for Saks. There’s only 2 handbags, a lot of shoes and clothes. Didn’t find anything that blew my dress up, so to speak.
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  6. Never saw these go on sale for awhile ! If you have e,bates , Neiman Marcus is currently have 10% cash back and if you have chase Freedom, you get back 5% bonus cashback when you use the card. So basically you can earn back 15% which is actually a good deal!!!
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  7. Gucci outlet in Florida (sawgrass mills mall) has started their semianual sale last Friday. I am assuming that all outlet stores follow the same schedule.
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  8. does anyone know if Gucci will have a sale on bags this year?
  9. is Gucci having a sale In Australia this year?
  10. Rue La La has a couple:



    Also the Ophidia is on sale?~

  11. Found this at TJMaxx where I live. It had a few scuff marks on it. I didn’t buy it but for that price I probably should have. :lol:

  12. Saw today at a tj maxx. Cute weekender bag.
  13. Hi Ladies,

    I’m new to the ba game and ready to jump in. From places like TJ, Marshalls, Gilt (they have a Gucci sale now), Rue La la, etc.

    Are the merchandise authentic? Is it new or “like new”?

    I’m looking for a discount but at the same time I want quality.
  14. Tjmaxx yes new, authentic but pretty slim choices. You got to get lucky. When I see them they are at runway tjmaxx stores. You can go on tj maxx website to find which stores are runway. I’ve gotten better deals from saks private links they send couple times a year. The outlets are also great. They sell made for outlet and regular store items heavily discounted. But to snag a sale piece I’d say you need to be open about what style cauz most of the popular stuff won’t be on sale (although last year I snagged a heavily discounted red disco from saks on line). Second hand fashionphile is pretty good but I find prices for newer styles pretty high. Older pieces better priced. I’ve never bought from fashionphile but have sold pieces to them. Good luck.
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    Gucci outlet Rosemont (Chicago) got a bunch of new goodies! I just posted pics, and as of now, there’s 4 Soho Discos left in green. Per usual, the Soho sold at outlet does not have the tassel, so know that. All other dimensions and strap drop are the same. There’s also a really cute kitty bag! Go forth and buy.
    Pics are in this thread if you're unfamiliar (there's a chat thread , and pics only thread):
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