Gucci sales-outlet-web-and auction deals CHAT thread

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  1. I recall Gucci typically having a sale sometime in the spring, along with certain Gucci items going on sale in dept. stores like Saks & NM. Do any of you know when this usually happens? I'm planning a purchase and am wondering if I should wait for the spring sales before taking the plunge. I appreciate any intel that you might be able to provide!
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  2. I thought it was closer to Memorial Day.
  3. Agreed!
  4. Is timing of the sales the same in Europe?
  5. Yes closer to Memorial Day
  6. You may want to check the other thread for Gucci sales. There was a recent listing of sale items (today). Maybe you'll get lucky and find something you love.
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    This thread is for questions, comments and chatting about authentic GUCCI deals. It directly correlates to this thread (which you many not chat in)

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  8. I received a text from my SA @ the San Antonio outlet and she said the next sale will be Memorial Day but they will not be doing any phone or email orders.
  9. I talked to someone at the outlet in Cabazon today, and I was told the next big sale would be Memorial Day as well. Fortunately I live within driving distance. I just hate going there because it is soooooo crowded on holiday weekends!

    Right now it seems that some of the outlet bag styles are priced higher than what the boutique items are going to be priced at during the sale. One bag I inquired about at the outlet today over the phone was most definitely not 50% off. Very odd!
  10. I am with you. I think I will wait and see what the Memorial Day Sale brings.

  11. I will text my SA to see if she know what the sale will be 50%
  12. That would be great. I look forward to the additional 50%off at the outlets. However it is just crazy during Memorial Day. I can't wait for the private sale too.