Gucci sales-outlet-web-and auction deals CHAT thread

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  1. Nice! Always liked the green even though tassel missing.
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  2. I know, right?! The Disco has never been a fave of mine, but I love the green. I finally succumbed, and ordered one. I have a pretty Gucci scarf that can stand in for the tassel.
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  3. That’s awesome.
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  4. Does anyone know if Gucci has a sale after Xmas?
  5. The regular stores? No. They no longer do sales at all. But you can sometimes get items on sale from department stores. As for the outlets, I don’t know.
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  6. Has anyone seen this bag in a store recently? Thanks!
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  7. Does anyone want this ? I think it about 60% off. Quote me with your size . It runs true to size. Once i return it . I will give you all infor to order it
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  8. Has anyone seen this gucci medium velvet marmont in the green color? It was from last year's 2018 collection.
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  9. Yes asking about the outlets, does anyone know?
  10. Haven't seen any of the velvet Marmonts at outlet.....Marmont anything will be very rare at outlet, as it's still in demand at full-price retail level. I've seen 1 or 2 older Marmonts come to outlet (I can remember a total of 3 in about 3 years), but they usually get pre-sold through texting with SAs, and don't make the sales floor. When they appear, it's usually 1 bag at the higher volume stores, sometimes only 1 in the U.S.A. You might do better searching dept. stores, or foreign websites like Farfetch/My Theresa.

    Not typically....there might be a few older items that show a markdown, or the exotic skin bags will go on sale (i.e. from 16K to 10K). In my experience, sales are very rare at Gucci outlet, and will only be a small handful of items, never the whole store having promotions. There is such demand (people lining up outside), that it's probably not necessary, from Gucci's point of view. The best thing I could tell you would be to build a sales relationship with a Gucci outlet SA, so that you get texted with pics when hot items or the rare markdown show up. From there, if there's only 1 or 2 bags, all the SAs will be texting their best customers, and the first ones to respond will get the bag. I've won some, and lost's a very fast-paced texting game!
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  11. There was a black and cream Chevron Marmont in San Marcos when I was there 3 weeks ago. Didn't see any velvet bags.
  12. Do you mean the chevron tote or smaller shoulder bag? That one has been in and out of the outlets several times. What I think of as the “regular” Marmont flap with the flap piece and tongue (not just the material, but the shape in the pic above) is quite rare, at least in my experience.
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  13. lovely !
  14. Will any of the Outlets post to the UK?
  15. Isn't there a Gucci outlet in Bicester Village? That is in the UK, and should be able to post within the UK.