F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

  1. yay, no price increase!! exactly what my wallet wanted to hear!
  2. A new Day bag sounds interesting! I think I will wait for the F/W with a new bag...although some of the S/S colours are tdf!

    Thanks for the info!!!
  3. i completely agree CJ, i also think they aren't selling very much:everytime i go to Balenciaga store in MILAN ,i only see a couple of customers while CELINE and CHANEL STORES are super crowded ! i also think twice now before buying a bbag , selling is just a PITA then!!
  4. Thanks...I won't give Gris Tarmac much more thought. I've got enough on my plate as it is...I will lay all my chips on M*A*N*G*O :yes:

    At the end of the day, I always find something else (unexpectedly) to lust after. You must have THE most fun getting the scoop on this kind of stuff! I envy you :greengrin:
  5. To *F*:
    ^^^definitely, I noticed this trend too. A lot of European online boutiques are not selling their Bals as fast and quickly and as easily as they used to. I always look at all the online stores that I used to get my Bals from and the inventory is still there and it's been almost a month. That is quite a surprise/ shock to me as I am used to snatching up a coveted Bal color with original GH as soon as its posted online since in a matter of days, no, even just in a few hours, they're all gone.
  6. The only one I'm remotely interested in is Rose Thulian, but reds are so hard for me to wear... :sad:.
  7. ahh...so still no giants?
  8. Me too, my urge to get another Bal is like a light bulb now, ON...OFF...ON...OFF...this is due to the price increase & everytime I look at RH or mGH City or Velo or Town, my conscience is telling me..."$1695 RH or $1895 GH, is it that worth the price?". Then my other addiction that's developing too, Celine Micros, hmmmm... :thinking:so I always end up thinking, maybe I should just get a MICRO or MICROS instead.
  9. Love Celine, but man .. they are heavy! The Micros are wicked cute, but there's no way in hell that I can fit all my stuff in one!!!!
  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmango! Mind you, this will change once I see all the colours in person!
  11. Oh! I know what you're talking about, i used to have a smooth mini once & boy oh boy was it like my arms were ready to come off, my shoulders & back were screeming, HELP!!! It was torture, that's why i'm only getting the Micros & my stuff fits just right, plus it's the best proportional size to my petite body.

    But i heared the new leather is lighter & they changed the leather lining too that adds to the weight. A Phantom would look great on you.:graucho:
  12. the drummed/grainy leather is less heavy than smooth IMO, i just bought a mini and it is very practical , less heavy than a gh part time for sure:graucho:
  13. ditto *P , that 's also explain why we are seeing some bags with even 40% off in some EU stores:weird:
  14. Thanks Ceejay
    Rose Thulian & Cassis I'm curious about.
  15. Thanks for the intel! i hope Cassis will be a reddish plum color:love: