F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

  1. TMitch / Ceejay - you guys rock !
    I'm curious with Cassis and Cumin!
  2. Thanks CEEJAY for more intel work!!!
    I am on a purse ban so why, why, why do you and TMitch do this to me???:help:

    Am intrigued about Cassis but not really for Mango as I feel I have too many pop colors already. Am being wooed by the new Cumin though as well. As for the new Anthra with teal/ green undertones, thenIdont "need" one as I think my Anthra '11 has just that.

    Best compromise..get a small sized bag or accessories.....
  3. No more Giant HW .. just the Mini Giant HW (G12).
  4. I must say that this looked very interesting! I just hope it's not too "pink", as Bal kind of "pinked out" the color the last few years!
  5. I have to say that the Cassis looked a little disappointing; however, Bal is notorious for their horrible pictures .. so this might have to be a "wait-&-see"!!
  6. :ty: ladies for the intel :urock:

    Mango looks interesting, otherwise I'm safe..... although I'm still being tempted by this seasons DV..... :girlsigh:
  7. CUMIN!!!! I love these kinds of browns, so I'm super excited to hear about this color! Thanks for the intel, as always!
  8. Oh no! There's too much stuff out there to handle. Mango is going to get me...the new Rose Thulian sounds promising but depends...have not gone for any reds in a long time. Cumin too? Tarmac...maybe? Oh yikes!
  9. Thanks for the forewarning. This is exciting but I also have to brace myself. Do you know if they will continue with giant Pompons? I could use one in a darker colour than Gris Ciment (which I have to be a bit protective of). :graucho: I'm thinking Cumin?
  10. Thanks for all the Intel!!!
  11. OMG!! Ceejay you rock!:urock: i can't wait for Mango (will it be like jaune??), jacynthe and cumin!!!!:ty:
  12. I love the Dark Violet (and I'm not really a "purple" person)!! Something about that color .. and then with the mRGGH - divine!!
  13. Didn't hear that the Pom Pons would be discontinued; however, remember the HW will not be the original "Giant" HW.
  14. It looked like Jaune to me; maybe even a little more intense ...
  15. Yayyyyyy that sounds great to me!!!! Thanks!!