F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. Okay .. I admit, I was trumped .. and am using the list provided by *TMitch*, but figured I would start the thread anyhow! Will be meeting with my intel source today and viewing the pics .. so without further adieu, the F/W 2012 intel is:

    There will be a new "Bowling" style bag and a new "Day" type bag (larger than the current Day, but similar in design). New colors:

    • Gris Tarmac - Dark Grey (similar to Anthracite); this is the color that will be replacing Anthracite
    • Cumin - a mid-golden brown
    • Dark Evergreen color - Vert Floret?
    • Jacynthe - mid-blue, with a slight Purple tone
    • Rose Thulian - bright Red, with a slight Pink tone
    • Cassis - Burgundy/Wine color
    • Mango - bright Orange-Yellow
  2. Thanks for starting this CeeJay. Let us know what more you can find out. I'm sure I left out quite a bit.
  3. I posted in the s/s thread before reading this. I am so excited for most if not all of these colors! Descriptions would be fantastic after you see photos!!
  4. NP! .. talked to the 'source' the other day and she told me about the new colors, but I always like to see the pics! Debating on whether I should leave the C/C's at home .. too much temptation there! :graucho:
  6. Oh my, should i hold off buying now? Cumin, Rose T & Mango sounds delish.
  7. Mmm ... Rose Thulian and Cassis :woot:
  8. I could definitely be tempted to buy something Cassis.......:biggrin:
  9. I am so excited!
    Bring it on girls!!

    I am thinking Cassis or Cumin!'

    LOVE it!!
  10. Whoa, F/W intel?!?!?! Thanks Ceejay and TMitch!
  11. Rose Thulian seems to be pretty interesting
  12. Oh no here we go again! :smile:

    Cumin and rose t sound great. I'd love an evergreen day bag also.

  13. Gris Tarmac or Anthra ? I have a problem
  14. Gris Tarmac, Rose Thulian ( similar to Magenta?), Cassis and Mango sound interesting....
  15. No Anthra in F/W 2012 .. the Gris Tarmac will be replacing Anthra!
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