F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

  1. Thanks so much for the great intel CeeJay.
  2. You r amazing. Thx so much. I'm ok with med GH or GH12 is the term?
  3. Wow. Mango sounds like its going to be perfect. I'm going to behave myself and stop with sales...must buy what I truly want but is special (not just discounted + ok)!
  4. Ceejay, you rock!! im supper excited for the new season, last seasons colors did not do it for me. evergreen and mango look like my cup of tea.
  5. You are all very welcome (have to give a 'shout out' to *TMitch* since she provided the initial list of colors!).

    Anyhow .. wanted to make sure everyone knew that .. THERE WILL BE NO PRICE INCREASE for the F/W season. :yahoo::happydance:
  6. WOW ... thanks CeeJay and TMitch! I think of all the colours to me, Mango sounds the most exciting!

    I wonder if this new Day-style bag is replacing the Day or another style in addition to it?
  7. --Yea!!
    Thanks for supporting the addiction!
    --Might have to pick up some summer part time work(and I don't mean the bags)!! There are two colors in the Fall line up I like!!
  8. I must see this Gris Tarmac! I wasn't a fan of Anthracite's undertones though, so I suppose I'll be disappointed?

    I hope not!
  9. Looking forward to the green and mango!
  10. I'm having same thoughts because Gris Tarmac sounds great but not if green/teal undertones are really 'there'.
  11. Jacynthe sounds really yummy!!
  12. The Mango color sounds like just what I need!! Thanks for the intel CeeJay!
  13. yayy that's a good news!! other brands like chanel or celine are increasing prices almost every 3 months:nono:, i am happy that at least balenciaga won't increase(maybe they aren't selling well??:thinking::huh:)
  14. Have you ever seen the '07 Anthracite? It has very definite green/teal undertones; look at the Colors by Year/Season, and you'll see what I mean. That's what Gris Tarmac looks like ...
  15. Personally, I think Balenciaga has over-produced, and as a result .. they are not selling the bags like before. In addition, all their "cuts" (e.g., no feet on the PT, no more pocket on the back of the mirror, etc.) have affected their 'cache'.

    I used to buy quite a few bags each Year/Season; not anymore. With the cost being what it is and the quality of some of the bags not like they used to be, I think twice before pulling the trigger now. Kinda sad ...