F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. I hope so too! This is a HG for me I considered the dots city because I want the black gold rh combo but I don't like the perforation look. And honestly I'd prefer buying online vs. the boutique because if I decide I don't like it IRL I can return it. I'll have to stalk their website daily now hehe.
  2. The classic gold items are now up on US bal.com along with mGGH and GGH items as well! I finally got my classic gold city I've been wanting forever!
  3. Just received Email that the classic gold HW Black City, Velo and Part time are at the Las Vegas City Center, ask for Chizuko, she is super sweet!!
  4. Are you getting one? :graucho:
  5. I ordered a black city with gold rh from Chizuko! So excited!
  6. I'm not sure yet Saira, I have another Givenchy that I want;)
  7. Would love to hear what you think about the classic gold hardware!
  8. When I get it I'll post pics and a review as well. I am slightly concerned about the leather as it's been pretty hit or miss this season. Which is the main reason I wanted to buy it online so I could return it if the leather bothered me.
  9. Has anyone bought a new season 2012 Weekender? I know that the RH work handles are thinner and do not have as big of a drop as past seasons. Does this hold true for the weekend as well? I'm contemplating one.
  10. dark ever green looks good?
  11. So, I just bought my LE Black Classic Gold HW City. I scoured all the US Bal stores for their most distressed bags and there were FOUR other beautifully distressed bags that I couldn't buy so take a look at this thread with their pix and see if you may want one of them. The bal store and SA's name is attached to each bag's photo.