F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. I like Jacynthe. :smile: I may get it in either rh or sgh. :smile:
  2. I like Jacynthe too but will have to like it from afar since I already own Atlantique and Tempete......hmmmmm.....wonder how it compares to Tempete.
  3. Do you think that cassis has more blue to it or is it mote red/brown?
  4. The cassis is very disappointed :tdown::wtf:
  5. I totally agree with you cant ait to see a photo with rose gold hardware. :thinking:
  6. This is good news for me. I only like Mangue so far :smile: whew!
    And atlantique is nicer blue IMO. Cassis is sad :sad:
  7. ^^^ Yeah, it's a big phew for me too! Don't think I'll pull the trigger for any of the colours except maybe for Mangue which looks pretty darn good!

    I expected Cassis to be a deeper berry colour, probably because of the name itself! But this lighter, more muted version is not too bad actually. It looks like a Murier-Bordeaux mix. Maybe if Bal had called it something different (to reflect the lighter, muted purple) it wouldn't have disappointed as many people.

    Rose Thulian is pretty. Not my type of red though. It leans more towards pink than red.

    Jacynthe is pretty! Like Blue Jean maybe?? It will look stunning with silver hw! A real cool blue.

    So far, I think Mangue is the winner! It's a pretty intense yellow. Sweet. Wish there was more of an orange tint in it though. Been on the lookout for a Jaune!
  8. Ah... I also own 2 Tempete. :smile: Please don't remind me that. I didn't get Ardoise coz it has too much gray. :smile: I'm hoping this one will be like Ardoise with more blue. :smile: No one can replace the most gorgeous Ms. Tempete though . :smile:
  9. Yes! Now I know why I'm attracted to it. It look similar to 05 Blue Jean! :smile:
  10. I saw the pics in Lovebbags.com and I was really disappointed. I was hoping for a flashy blue. Jacynthe is dull and too veinny, Rose Thullian is like a faded Poppy or Coquelicot ... Very disappointed!:tdown::tdown::nogood:
  11. I found the colours really changed depending on what type of computer screen I looked at. Cassis is more muted on my screen, but much more red on my husband's computer screen. Guess we won't really know till we see it in real life.
  12. Hey *TM* .. how are you??? Thanks for the pics ..

    • Jacynthe - looks wonderful in this picture; like it with the mRGGH! CRAP .. don't need any new bags!! ;)
    • Mangue - right now, it looks kind of like Moutarde, but it's kind of hard to tell with the lighting. Might look nice with the silver hardware.
  13. I'm not mad keen on any of them, then I had a glass of Merlot and suddenly I think the cassis and jacynthe look gorgeous. Hmm... and Mangue was my favourite pre wino.
  14. ^^ Too funny!!
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