F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. Anyone has some pics of the Bale men sneakers collection AW 2012? Thanks
  2. I really like the cassis, a really warm color
  3. Thanks for posting pics! I like cassis, kinda looks like pourpre and sanguine mixed together!
  4. Can't wait to see cumin!!!
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    I'm disappointed with Casis (actually all four of the new colors). They all look so washed out...
  6. Hopefully they look better irl
  7. I asked for a comparison of Gris Tarmac and Anthra. GT is lighter, actually like lighter gray with blue undertones while Anthra has blue-green. I'm really interested with GT, especially since I don't have any anthra.. Possibly silver hw :smile:

  8. Thanks! I like prefer anthra.
  9. j0yc3, GT looks like a nice icy cool grey with silver hw!
  10. Bal LV has received the new colors as well. The pics I received showing the leather color are not the same. I actually thought the Rose one was Coquelicot at first! The bags are a different style than the ones posted here so that makes a difference.
  11. I am underwhelmed by the pics, very dull colours. I hope cumin, mangue and poker fonce will be better!
  12. I just received some photos as well, including mangue.

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  13. The Mangue clutch is cute.
  14. I am liking that Mangue clutch too!
  15. Does anybody know if mangue will be released in first two weeks of June? I'll be in Europe then!