F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. may I know when will this collection be out?
  2. Any more spy pics? :sneaky:
  3. Ok - know I'm late to the game here (been swamped with work - uggh), but did I hear price increase .. AGAIN?!? NFW .. will I support that!
  4. WHAT?!?! when? how much? JEEEZZZ
  5. Wow! Are they serious?
  6. Price increase?? What for??
    Smaller hardware, thinner handles, thinner leather, lesser HW plating etc.....what??!!
    How can one rationalize that???
  7. A price increase again?!!! I think i am out.
  8. You've already had a price increase last season or the one before that? Europe has the same prices since last year this time if I am correct. I don't know before that because I wasn't a Bal addict before last Spring. So maybe the increase will apply to Europe only since the financial situation is so good for us! :tdown::shocked::nono:
  9. What the...! Seriously? :Push:
  10. another price increase? it's not going to help the already slowing demand of Bal bags :nono:
  11. Bal increased their prices too? I thought only Chanel increased the prices..btw, do bal have sale?
  12. I'm not sure that they did; I thought I had seen that they were going to, but will have to get the info from my "intel" sources. I seriously hope they don't; as much as I love my Bal, another price increase will be the end for me (except oldies of course!). Then again, it's not like I need more bags!! ;))))
  13. 2 different shops in London have independently volunteered there will be a price increase :tdown:
  14. anyone knows what styles with RH will be available in rose thulian?
  15. Just heard from my SA at Bal NY that new colours are coming in. They just got Cassis, Gris Tarmac, Jacynthe and Rose Thulian. It seems like they got cities, part-times, works and towns. Unfortunately no Twiggys or Days in Cassis :shucks: