F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. Did your SA mention any price increase? Can't wait to see the new colors.
  2. No she didn't. When I asked the price of the bag I wanted to buy it was still the same price as the price on the Balenciaga website.
  3. When? :/
  4. poker fonce and mangue!
  5. i got pics of the new fall bags that balny received...so not impressed by the new rose color...looks really red not pink in the pics...and casis almost looks dirty? i was so looking forward to these too :sad:
  6. Bummer I had my eyes on the rose. Could u post any pics?
  7. i received an email from my bal ny SA as well. Not too impressed with these first 4 fall colors. nothing like the amazing colors from last fall.
  8. Please share pics!!
  9. Yes please someone share pics!!!
  10. Here you go..

    Casis, Gris Tarmac, jacynthe & rose thulian. I'd like to see Gris Tarmac with rggh & jacynthe with sgh..




  11. Thank you for the pictures:tup:, jacynthe looks nicely distressed!
  12. ^^was really hoping Cassis would be the same color as the Margaux in the biker moto.
    Am disappointed. :sad:
  13. wow those colours are disappointing...tarmac looks like a faded anthra
  14. Yah.. guess its replacing Anthracite and Jacynthe looks like cornflower?
    Hope to see Crocus
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