F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

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  1. Ooh, mangue looks lovely!
  2. here is more: Gris Tarmac GSH next to Antra, Cassis GSH work, Rose T. first next to Coq, Jacynthe RGGH City.

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  3. Another photo comparison

    Jacynthe and Atlantique; Jacynthe and Glycine


  4. I like casis and mangue ❤ thank you for sharing Ladies 😃

  5. I just ordered a Gris Tarmac with the mGSH and the price is the same, no increase.
  6. I like the jacynthe, it seems to have a lot of depth to it and looks like a beautiful teal ish blue. The other colours are still looking dull to me, for grey, gris tarmac is very nice though
  7. To me is Jacynthe looks more like a very faded blue :sad: Not liking it at all.
    The other ones I'm just kinda "bleh" about.

    Thanks for all the pictures.
  8. I agree I feel blah about all of them, but if I had to pick one it'd be Jacynthe, I guess im partial to blues

    there seems to be a faded-ness to all of these colours so far, more muted
  9. Thank you ladies for sharing! Not really loving any colours. I was really waiting for cassis but kinda disappointed that colour is so dull. But last picture of cassis with silver hardware looks a bit brighter. So for now cassis with gsh would be my choice.
  10. I don't like jacynthe...

    But I think the cassis is going to look good with GSH!
  11. I love mangue...
  12. The Cassis looks quite nice with rose gold hardware
  13. Not really liking the Gris Tarmac...maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and get anthra soon!
  14. thanks for all the pictures~ the colors look really washed out, like the camera is having bad light exposure~
    the Jacynthe town actually looks quite cute there. GT really looks like a faded Anthra, not very saturated
  15. I'm kind of disappointed by the colors. Cassis looks blah in the first two pics but looks better in the last with the SGH, maybe the hardware is what makes the color look more perky. I was really excited about that color but after seeing these pics it makes me glad I snapped up a hamilton Bordeaux. I have to agree with the other posters that all the colors seem a bit washed out. I do not like GT esp when you see it compared with anthra.