Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

  1. Has anyone ever had an experience with getting a reissue 227 pre-loved cleaned up to where it looked new again? I just recently purchased one and I was thinking from all the stories on this thread that this might be possible. TIA!!!
  2. Sorry, I don't have a price list.
  3. Anyone have any experience in NYC with getting Chanel flats repaired? I need to get them resoled and have the fronts repaired as they've been rubbed and the leather is messed up. I've been trying to find a good thread about it but haven't had much luck. Where should I take them?
  4. Does anyone know which service I should get if I want to get rid of the scratches on my vintage lamb skin flap? It's 3 serries so it's 16-18 years old. With past owners, travel, and normal use it has gotten quite a few marks. I'm not planning on taking my Chanel to school with me, so I want to get it done while I'm away. Thanks in adavance!
  5. Good to know! I need to get a gold metallic bowler redyed. Will take it chanel in NY
  6. Hi All,

    I just picked up my WOC today from Chanel in Toronto...It took them 4 months to repair because they sent it to Paris(they don't have the thread needed to fix the stitching). Cost of repair? $0!! I'm surprised they did not charge me for it. :smile:))
  7. Wow, that is a MIRACLE!
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    I have a white mini single flap lambskin (two hole top) with ghw from 1989-1981, with the hologram still intact. The gold hardware is in excellent condition, but the bag is now an ivory-ish color and the inside pocket is sticking. Do you think Chanel's repair service would leave the hardware alone, but replace the leather inside the chain strap (it's awfully dirty and also not white anymore) and make the bag white again, and might they be able to fix the sticking with the inside pocket? TIA.
  9. I was told by sa if change strap the color might not b the same as the original one
    It can be done but if colors appear different there's nothing u can do

    What abt sending it in for cleaning?
    I don't think they can do anythin to make ur bag white unless they dye it but it's bad for the leather
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    Yes, I wanted to get it cleaned/re-dyed plus the strap either the same (cleaned/re-dyed) or just replaced, only not the hardware. I didn't know if the strap and chain came "pre-packaged" or if they would re-weave new leather into the existing hardware. How is it bad for the leather, please?

    I just want my bag and strap to be white again, not the ivory-ish dirty color it is now. (first photo against black is the color it used to be--pink spots are not on the bag, second photo indoor really bad lighting, but the color is definitely nowhere near the white-white it used to be :sad: )
    white mini.jpg white mini 008.jpg
  11. Different lights is hard to tell how ivory yr bag is
    I have a Chanel white lambskin but I didn't notice it had changed to ivory by that much until the bag cleanser owner pointed the pocket to me. The inner is white n the bag has turned into ivory white. But it's still v nice. I send it for cleaning n after few usage strap is dirty again. Waterproof only lasts abt 3mths n 75$? So I decided to just leave it as it is. Do a cleaning until it gets pretty dirty
    U can go find cleaning shops but don't redye yr bags. They r going to b really ugly n damaging on yr bag. Yes Chanel can replace the leather ard the chain but don't expect it
    To be exactly the same as it use to b because they can't keep the stock for so long. What they can do is find the best matching colors
  12. thank you :smile: and yes, the lighting for the 2nd photo is awful. I will try cleaning, and if it doesn't work, send it to Chanel and make it VERY specific to not replace ANY of the metal, as that is in really great shape and I don't want it replaced with the new kind.
  13. I asked an SA last time and according to her, if threads are loose etc..it can be fixed by Chanel, but they do not fix bags that have their leather peeling, colour wearing off etc..
  14. I sent a vintage bag, which was scratched to bits at the surface level (it was firm leather), off to the USA for treatment. It came back looking much, much better! I got the package deal done & went for hardware replacement because it was in the interests of the bag. I had one part of the hardware which I didn't want to have replaced and they left that intact for me. I can't recommend CHANEL USA repair service highly enough.