Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

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  1. Can anyone share their experience with sending bags to Chanel boutiques for cleaning/refurbishing? I recently bought a lambskin vintage XL flap and would like to have it serviced. I know there have been other threads about this but since the search button is out, I couldn't find it. Thanks in advance for all your input!
  2. I'll be picking mine up tomorrow. It went in for 'total refurbishment'. I had started a thread that I planned to update but I'm not sure I'll find it without the search feature enabled. I'll be sure to post pics friday!
  3. Do the Chanel boutiques charge for repair or refurbishing? I know Fendi charges, and they don't give a price quote until after they ship the bag and it reaches the repair place in NY.
  4. I've taken several bags to Chanel over the years to have them refurbished and they've always done a fantastic job. They will give you an estimate when you take the purse in. Do not take your box, authentication card, dust jacket with you -- just your purse is all you need. Turnaround time, they will tell you is 4 to 6 weeks.

    (Anyone know what happened to the search function? I miss it!!)
  5. I don't usually post in here, but thought I'd chime in :smile:

    I had Cambon flats sent in for a cleaning/touch-up. If you purchased at Chanel, within the year its free, otherwise there is some sort of fee.

    Well anyway, I wasn't exactly pleased with the work they did for me. They didn't clean them at all, and it almost looked like they used white out to paint over spots that were marked up. They weren't even neat about, it got on the rubber edges! It was free -- and I love my salesgirl to death, so I didn't complain, but I wouldn't send them in again.

    That's just my case, but remember reading other people had some issues also. Where the heck is the search function?!?!

    I'd think twice about sending it in to Chanel. I'd try Lovin My Bags.
  6. I would seriously consider Lovin My Bags next time I need any cleaning on my bags, many people on the forum used them and they have been happy with their service. I was very disappointed with the Chanel service.
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  7. I sent my valentine flap in for recolor, the SA told me NOT to expect it to be as soft as the original. She asked me 3 times to confirm if I really want to send in for service, I bet she must have multiple experiences where the customers were not happy with the result. But I had no choice, my bag was faded so I had to take the chance. Good luck to you :heart:
  8. I took one of my bags to the Rodeo Beverly Hills store and it has been away since November. I called today to follow up and was told it can take up to 3 months to get your bag back :O
  9. One of the bags I sent to Chanel was a beaten to near death heart chain bag that I bought off ebay. I posted the after pictures but since the search feature has dropped into a black hole, you can't pull it up. They worked a miracle with the purse. It came to me severely faded and dirty. Before sending it to Chanel, I sent it to Art Bag in NY. They did nothing with the purse and charged me, so don't bother with them.

    My prior experiences with Chanel refurbishing bags has been quite a bit ago, and every time the bags came back looking brand new so I was ecstatic with the results.

    If the bag needs to be redyed, it will have a slightly rougher feel. Isn't that better than having a rag of a bag? After all this is skin we're talking about and dying it will cause some depletion of oils. Use a purse moisturizer and then seal it. I'd trust Chanel or Luvinmybags. I like LMBr products a lot so far so I would trust them also.
  10. Yes they do charge. The price depends on what you have done. I had a 'total refurbishment' for $265. I was quote 6-8 weeks and it took 3 freakin months but what are ya gonna do? I'm getting her back tonight, so pics tomorrow! I did take before pics so we can compare :shrugs:
  11. I took a bowler of mine to Chanel to have a couple of spots on the leather fixed. They sent it to a LOCAL place they have fix minor issues. I paid Chanel for the repair though. It came back ok, no real complaints.
    I have heard great things about Lovin' My Bags. I would probably send my bag to them if I ever had an issue again.
  12. Really? I sthat just at the chanel boutiques where its free? I asked both Sak's and NM and they told me there was a charge no matter if it was first year or not.

    They said they only dont' charge if it was a Chanel defect. So I dont' know if they SA's were just not knowledgeable.
  13. I just took my first bag in for refurbishing. I won't get ti back until some time in February as it takes 8 weeks. I am waiting anxiously to see the results as I've heard some people say the bag looks brand new when it comes back and others not so happy with the results! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be posting that it looks as good as new.

  14. That's weird because I bought mine at NM and the SA say it's free of charge within the 1st year. You just need to bring your receipt with you. HTH