Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

  1. hello ladies! i would like to know how much does it cost for re-dyeing a black lambskin maxi flap. and were the results good? TIA
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    Just wanted to share, my 3 months old Chanel soft calfskin after clean and protect treatment!
  3. i have asilver reisssue mettalic walelt in sivler i want to dye it balck as its color is fading and going balck from all the use.. do you think it could be dyed?
  4. If it was relined by Chanel, then they would have removed the serial number. (They don't replace a serial number. Japan Chanel used to reposition serial numbers, but I don't know if they still do that. ) Chanel are well able to recognise their own products, so assuming it is original, and that they did the repairs last time, there really should not be any problem.
  5. Thank you for responding shinymagpie. I took it in yesterday to the Chanel Boutique and the SA was a little apprehensive because it didn't have the serial number, but she took it because I guess she was able to see that it was 100% authentic. I also got the bag authenticated in the authentication thread so I was confident of it's authenticity. It will take 3 months to get it back but I think it wil be well worth the wait. I paid about $1250 for a vertical jumbo maxi that needs a little work on it and considering the costs of those on eBay that are in a good condition, I think I think I got a great deal. Thanks again!
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    I do hope you have kept yourself some before photos to compare with the after photos. It's a nice thing to keep as a momento. These bags were made to last a long time and I think that it's good that they can always be worked on, no matter how old.
  7. Got my Chanel back after about 4 weeks. The grommet was repaired for $30. Very reasonable!!
  8. Love your wallet!;)
  9. Aww thanks dear! It's soft so high maintenance.. Lol!

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  10. Does anyone know anywhere in London that would refurbish a faded and scratched brown lambskin Chanel bag? Thanks
  11. Have you taken it the boutique? They should help you there.:smile:
  12. hot oil spilled on my red mini at a restaurant. (black stains all over the back of the bag)
    i took it to the Chanel Store in Soho, NY.

    They redyed the whole bag for me and it looks brand new again! $140 and it took 8 weeks...
  13. Hi I just bought this same wallet in a different style, can you tell me why the material is so high maintenance? Does it get dirty or scratch easily? Can you also tell where you got yours cause i bought mine from Chanel boutique in taiwan and a lot people been asking me about where to buy this black on black wallet. TIA
  14. A store called classic shoes may do it.
  15. I hope you girls will be able to give me advice.
    My friend recently purchased a Carviar Jumbo for me in December, I just received it a few weeks ago and have not used it, and I know she hasn't touched it but when I took the bag out and inspected it closely, I found there were some stains inside the bag...I can't tell what kind of stains it is, it almost look like mud to me. I called Chanel last week and the first thing the sales told me was that they do not do cleaning and the repair service they offer is only for hardware, but reading through the thread here I learned that a lot of you have had your bags cleaned. I ended up leaving a message at the repair department anyway and finally someone did call me back and spoke to me today. He told me to bring the bag to him and show him, but he is only asking me to do so coz he doesn't feel it's fair to say no to me over the phone without him looking at the bag, but he said 99% he knows he won't be able to do anything about it coz they are not able to get rid of stains...is that true anyone? I also told him I didn't receive a dust bag with the purchase and he didn't believe me, he said that is impossible....has anyone else experienced this before?