Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

  1. I have a GST that I like to change to grommets to the new one. Does anyone know if chanel would do that and the price to change the four gromets?
  2. I need to fix a small part of a vintage lambskin that has leather peeled off and spilt like 1.5cm :sad:

    Any idea if Chanel Singapore can help and the cost? Thanks!!
  3. Hi I don't know where to post this it's the only topic that is close to my concern /problem, I just bought my first classic jumbo ghw last Christmas and I noticed just today that there is a big scratch in the middle of the logo inside the flap. Is there anything I can do with this? And also I noticed that in the front near the lock there is a little portion that the color is fading because I can see the burgundy color that is coming out. Please help. I know that I might have scratch it. But is there anything I can do with this. Thank you
  4. i'd bring it down to Chanel stores for their assessment on whether they can fix this for u! i have left my bag with chanel store - the repair team will get back to me with a quote, or if they can fix my issue - i am praying so!!

    if CHanel singapore will not repair it, do you ladies know if i can write to chanel USA to ask for help?
  5. Does anyone have experience with an European refurbisher?

    Thank you!:smile:
  6. Those rings are called grommets, I learned. I took my jumbo maxi to the Chanel spa for repair. The cost of repair I was told is $30. Very reasonable! The wait time is kinda ridiculous though, 6-8 weeks.
  7. i havent had this happen but i did have a pair of chanel sunglasses that needed repair and the chanel boutique were so helpful, if you take it in to them I am sure they will do their best to fix it at a reasonable price! good luck x
  8. Did they tell you why the "grommets" become loose and what can be done to avoid the problem? I've been having the same problem and I just put them back myself. The problem is recurring though, especially when I try to adjust the strap from short to long and vice versa. I am wondering if it is better for Chanel to do it so that it won't get "loose" again immediately.
  9. I tried pushing them together too but they would come apart again as soon as I moved the chain. Someone told me that those grommets are held together by tiny screws. If the screws fall out, the grommets become loose and separate. You should take it in, that is if you can part with your Chanel for 6-8 weeks. :p
  10. i had this happen on my GST ~ there r tiny screws that hold the large rings together that loop the bag to the chain ~ Chanel 57th St was kind enough to mail me the screws ~ i've heard this from other gals here...
  11. So sorry for your flap!:sad::sad:
    I hope everything turns out ok for you!
  12. If I have a bag with silver hardware, can I ask them to change it to gold hardware?
    Just curious:smile:
  13. hotloon so funny you just asked that question bc i was wondering the same. My issue is the reverse though gold but prefer silver!!
  14. I just found a local leather care specialist (family business for yrs)! He does local pickup at orchard area in Singapore - trying out his services with my prada vintage bag! If good, will let him work on my Chanel vintage!
  15. Hi ladies. Will the Chanel boutique refurbish a bag that had the lining already redone ? The reason I ask is because the hologram sticker is no longer on the lining. Thanks