Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

  1. Thank you
  2. I have had my GST for 3 years now, and it has "sagged" quite a lot which makes me very sad! I find I do not use it as much as I would like for fear of it sagging evern more! Do you think sending it in for a refurb would do much help?! Thanks!! x
  3. I don't know - but is worth taking it the boutique (not the concessions) and ask to speak to the specialist. They are very helpful! keep us posted.:smile:
  4. I brought a bag into the Chanel store on Old Bond Street (London) for a repair and had no problems. The stitches attaching the 2 flaps were lose and they were able to repair it in house, free of charge. I had it back in about a week. When I lived in the US they told me I would have to pay a charge and it would take a couple of months! Crazy!
  5. I bought a pair of Chanel flats a year ago which I wear everywhere... so sad to find yday that the logo button on my right shoe fell off and is no where to be found!

    They are seasonal style, so does anyone know if they can replace the missing logo button?

    I am taking it in to the store today and ask, and will also email my SA but just wanting to see if anyone has had similar experience...

    Expensive pair of shoes to only last one yr if it can't be replaced :sad:
  6. Hi may ask how did you do the pretreatment??? TIA
  7. Hello, does anyone know where to send off your chanel bags to get refurbished in Australia? I have a metallic bronze woc but some areas are starting to fade!! please help :O TIA xx

  8. I paid NM $60 + tax for 1 grommet and it took almost three months. I got ripped off :sad:

    Also, have any of you ladies ever had beige clair lambskin cleaned? Mine is showing signs of color transfer.
  9. That sucks!! Did NM send your bag to the Chanel Spa or did they do the repair in-house?
  10. I just sent my half moon WOC in for repair. It is 11a used 3 times and chain ring broke at bag connection. I went to NM in December, and they told me Chanel was horribly back-logged and it would be 12-16 weeks. So I tossed in my closet until this past weekend and took it in. They told me it is being expedited and may come back in 8 weeks since it is simple repair, but that joy of joys my already new bag will come back "like new" with complimentary spa treatment... Repairs for QC issues should be free... I would have been really upset if they had tried to charge me. I personally believe that QC issues on purchases made in less than 12 months should be expedited period. I don't know why, but the whole situation with mine just makes me aggro. Of course with that being said, I still spent over $6k on Chanel since Saturday to today on new crap all spawned by my visit to take the repair in... So who is the sucker? MOI!
  11. hi..has anyone tried to send their bag for refurbishing in singapore? i am thinking of doing for the whole bag as it's a vintage..Anyone has any idea how much will that cost?
    Thanks. :smile:
  12. no i have never tried to send my bags to singapore.. i rather it be local just in case things get lost etc.. vintage bags are not replacable!! :smile:
  13. I had my dark beige tote cleaned by Chanel. Although the color says "dark" it got some blue color transfer (don't know how that happened). In any case I took it in to the Chanel boutique at my local Saks and they sent it off to Chanel for cleaning. Came back after almost 4 months looking brand new... Cost me $140 :graucho:
  14. Hi lhasalover,

    Do you have a current price list of cost of services you can post? An OP posted one on a connected thread, but it was from a few years ago. I'm wondering if the "menu pricing" is about the same. Thanks in advance!