Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

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  1. My SA told me the exact opposite. I had a pair of shoes that split in front and the SA said its because I added soles. He advised me to add soles only after I have worn the shoes a few times. Otherwise the clobber will need to sand down the original sole, which will change the shoe structure.

    My Chanel SA told me the same thing.
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  2. I have three pairs of Varas. They are my go-onto work shoes. I also take care of them by having my cobbler add a heel cap and a half sole. They are absolutely worth their money to me and I'd like to add a fourth pair.

    I recently added a pair of varinas but will probably sell them. No matter what, they just won't break in and they rip up my feet each time. I purchased in the same size I buy varas.
  3. My cobbler said it was just fine to add the sole before wear - as far as my research online & in-person goes, it's an agree to disagree type thing on when exactly to get your shoes soles done. For what it's worth, my Ferragamo SA also gave me a list of local cobblers that were familiar with their shoes.
  4. I went to the recommended clobber too but the shoes still spilted. But after the SA advice, I usually wear new shoes a few times first before adding the soles. So far so good! *fingers crossed*
  5. So, here's an update on my situation. I bought this pair of calf Loafers during Xmas 2015, wore less than 3 times as it hurt so so badly!!!!! Just sold it off two weeks ago!!!!

    In the meantime, I bought a pair of Tory Burch pumps(3cm heel) and they fit my feet better. I really wish Ferragamo could love me back!!! I go to Italy every year and can get them at a great discount. :sad:(((
  6. Well I have a pair of Vara and Nina ferragamo that are my work pair both are in patent . Breaking them in was hell and yah the Varas internal lining came off and I had to re sole then with a rubber sole cause I wear them everyday at work but I love them ! So when I had to retire them this year I bought Nina and honestly the shoes are worth every penny I paid !
  7. My Ninas IMG_1486526062.993803.jpg
  8. I think so. I also love their repairs. I spoke to a SA and told her the leather lining in the sole got unglued and shifted. She had me bring them in and sent them to insert a new sole. They look new even though I've had them for 3-4 years.
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  9. Update! Picked up a pair of black suede Sabas in 9 at the end of last season's sale (was not planning on buying anything in store, but had stopped by to get my bf's belt cut), and they're holding up pretty well so far. Sadly, since they have rubber-y dots instead of soles, I can't repair them once they wear down.
  10. hi
    Need some advice
    If i wear size 6D for varina flats
    But only able to get Size C
    Should i get 6C or 6.5C?
    Will 6.5Cbe too big?
    Because 6C is slightly tight
    6D would be perfect but my store only carry the C width
    Pls advise
    Thank you
  11. I wear 7D or 7.5C. 6.5C would be fine since you wear 6D.
  12. I would recommend you to get 6.5C. I've 5 pairs of vara/varinas and it's either 7.5D or 8C for me. Hope it helps! :smile:
  13. Has anyone tried the Gancini flats?
  14. Hi
    Thank you for your reply:smile:
    In your opinion is there much difference between 7.5D & 8C?
    Is 8C longer?
    Tqvm :smile:
  15. Does anyone know if Ninnas have been discontinued? They sold black and nude at differing heights at the end of the last season in Aus but now they are no longer on the ferragamo australia website.