Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

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  1. So fast forward three years and I am pleased to report that I am back in love with Ferragamo shoes!!!!!

    After selling those pairs that did not work for me and basically not buying any F shoes for the last two years, I bought two patent pairs at Xmas in size 7D. I made sure I worn them for very short periods for the first few times, worn them with socks at home. And now the patent hot pink is so comfortable at the third wear!!! The patent black gave me a small surface blister so I think I need to go slow with this pair;)

    Now I am eying this pair of block heels but in this flowery print.IMG_3866.jpg IMG_3867.jpg
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  2. Woo! Love the update - thanks for sharing :smile: I'd also say that patent stretches out a tiny bit (at least my varas did) which is nice but you have to store them properly so the leather doesn't stick together haha </3
  3. I feel with that sum of money, they r many other options out there these days. They r comfy and beautiful but the price increases just don’t justify. Many contemporary brands out there with superb designs as well. And after a while, the designs r pretty predictable
  4. Unfortunately I have the same experience, and thought it was just me! I have 3-4 pairs of unused Ferragamos in my closet, one of which are booties. But I must add, those black booties are simply gorgeous!!
  5. After my experiences with Ferragamo shoes, they are off my list. I am not exaggerating when I say that the flat riding boots were the most uncomfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I had to recover for more than a week after wearing them for only a short period of time.

    Yes, the booties are gorgeous, but in order to wear them I need to put sticky thick moleskin padding on the inside of the shoe. For some reason they didn't cover the metal logo from the interior so it digs into the ankle. You can't break in metal :sad:

    Perhaps their other shoes are more comfortable, but I'm not willing to take the chance.
  6. I love F shoes so much, I have around 18 in regular rotation (mostly Vara, Carla / Erice with a but Varina and other non-bow type). What I like about the shoes is the classical look. Even a pair that I bought 10 years ago still look fresh and au courant today (in fact same exact model has just been launched ss 2018).

    Even the ones I got from my mom from 80s still look good.

    Really good investment shoes, and so pretty too!
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  7. I bought my first black patent Vara pair back in 2015 and i was happy with the quality. Very comfortable shoes in my opinion. Back then a vara pair would cost 398€. Since then the price has increased by 100€ and i think the quality has gone down. For example i bought a new pair in red patent leather early this year (btw authentic and from their own website) and the heels are different :sad:
    DSC_0271.JPG DSC_0272.JPG DSC_0273.JPG
  8. I’ve worn Ferragamos for years and as with any shoe maker, regardless of price range, I find some styles fit my feet well while others do not. Does every Nike sneaker feel comfortable to you? Most likely not. So why should every style of Ferragamo suit your foot? I find the Ferragamo loafers really uncomfortable and know not to buy them no matter how gorgeous they look. My favorites are the reissues where they take styles from the 60s, 70s and use the old patterns and lathes to bring those styles back. I can walk miles in one of those pairs on first use with no breaking in period. One of those reissue pairs was literally the only closed toe shoe I could wear when I broke a toe while traveling. I couldn’t even wear my sneakers on that trip after breaking my toe but I could still wear those Feragamo flats lol.
  9. Hi ladies,
    Does anyone have this Vara shoes. Is it comfortable and how is the sizing please? TIA.
    Btw they are currently at 15% off on Net a Porter.

    Vara1.jpg Vara2.jpg
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