Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

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  1. I think Ninnas are seasonal. This season it's all pointy Vara and Varina.
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  2. I just saw the pointy Vara and Varina in shops two weeks ago. At first look, I did not like them but when I tried them on, they looked super flattering as I have wide feet. Hmmm, i need to return for another try.

    There was also another pair with floral designs on denim fabric. Super interesting!
  3. Are the bows on Varas normally leather or ribbon?
  4. Normally ribbon but some have leather bows. Usually the multi colored or patterned ones.
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    I find Ferragamo shoes are always uncomfortable. A pair of flat riding boots that I bought were the most excruciatingly uncomfortable shoes I have ever had. I have a very classic pair of ankle boots (shown in pic) that are also excruciating to walk in for a normal amount of time. The gold metal logo also digs into the ankle and there is no way to walk in them unless you put sticky padding in that area. There is no way to tell in the store when trying them on that they will become so uncomfortable. Therefore, no matter how much I am lured by the style of their shoes, I will not buy Ferragamo shoes anymore.
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  6. Yes yes yes! Just got this on sale, 50% off. Super soft and comfy. No breaking in required. So happy with this purchase.

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  7. Absolutely.... Ferragamos are wonderful companions that last many years...
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  8. Great purchase! Is it matte black? You have made some amazing purchases!
  9. Thank you, Chinese Warrior. It's black nappa leather, which makes it so soft and comfy. Also due to the rubber soles. Rubber soles are more practical where I live, don't have to worry about the rain unlike leather soles.
  10. I bought a pair of Varas in Bon Bon pink for 50% off although the price was really good, I cant decide if I should keep them. My size is 7 in varinas, so I expected my fit in Varas would be similar however I can stick a whole index finger at the back of the shoe in the varas! I have a feeling it might also be a combination of an issues as my ankle are quite narrow (Australia only carries C width). The 6.5 is now sold out so I can't exchange. Do you guys think I can get away with putting in a thick insole or some heel grips?
  11. If you live in Sydney, the T Galleria in Sydney stocks D width . I have Varinas Varas and Carla and I found I M same size with Vara and Varina but need half size smaller in the Carla.
  12. I had the same issue. I used those insoles for high arches and it works out well for me. No problems. Nobody notices and I think it looks better on me proportion-wise (I feel slimmer when my feet don't appear tiny, if you know what I mean).

    Disclaimer - I've only worn them for dinners or going to church so I don't know if it will feel comfy enough for a long day of shopping, though.
  13. Do your feet swell u a bit in late afternoon? Mine do, so what fits in morning doesn't always fit by 5 o'clock that afternoon. Buying I/2 size larger and using inserts works best for me. Ferragamo is tough leather so hard to break them in- I just took my new ones back to Nordstrom to stretch and they do it for free. They still feel snug and now I think I've spent $560 and it's down the drain.
  14. I have been wearing a pair of Ferragamo gancini loafers in the past month and it was like second skin. Über-comfy but I worry about the sole getting busted.
    So, in a way, I am getting my money's worth but afraid I'll have to look for another pair soon.
  15. Has anyone tried on or own a pair of Paul Andrew's Ferragamo? I tried a few pairs on they r really comfortable! Even with pointy toe high heels which I normally can't wesr! I think he really gets it.