Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

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  1. Hi ladies! I like to throw this out in the open. I currently own three Varina/Vara and one pair of sandals from Ferragamo. I will be honest to say that they are not totally comfortable! Plus, the glue from one pair is starting to give way!! My Tory Burch Reva is more comfy. As such, I have started to think if I should continue to buy Varina/Vara? I love the brand, the aesthetics of this brand is very appealing to me. OR, I should branch out in TODs? Or, are shoes just not worth the investment? They show wear and tear so quickly! And other brands, of course. Hoping to hear some experiences..cheers!
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  2. I like my Vara shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes with some heels so I think they are worth every penny I paid. JMO.
  3. I think it's dependent each person feet. For me, I have 2 pairs of Vara and I'd say that those are the most comfortable shoes I've ever bought. And I don't mind wearing them, walking in them all day.

    And now I have a temptation to buy in every single color...but definitely, my bank account dislikes that :smile:
  4. I have 5 pairs of Varinas and they're the most comfy designer flats I've owned. They can be stretched if you're in between widths. I love the bow, the colors they come in, how they're iconic but not in your face. They compliment everything I wear with them, so I love these shoes.

    What makes it uncomfortable for you? Do you need more padding? Do they need to be stretched (one pair would be uncomfortable for me, but my SA stretched them to fit perfectly)? What is falling apart? Perhaps you need something with not a leather sole but a rubber sole? I work indoors, so the leather sole is fine. But if I were to go walking outdoors more, I'd switch to a pair with rubber soles, like My Ferragamos.

    :smile: If they're uncomfortable, definitely go pick the style/brand that is! Shoes shouldn't hurt!
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  5. Definitely dependent on the person. For me I agree with the reviews above. I bought my first pair of Ferragamo shoes (varina) last year and now I have 6 pairs. They are the most comfortable designer heels/flats I can find that fit the shape of my feet perfectly. I literally can't wear anything else (though I will try hahaha :lol:).

    I think Ferragamo shoes are generally for people with more narrow feet though. But maybe you just bought the wrong size? Have you tried a larger width?
  6. I personally do not feel any shoes are an investment because of the beating they take but having said that Ferragamo is my favorite/most comfortable shoe brand. If they are not comfortable for you then I would say they are not worth the money. Either try a different size, have them stretched, or try another brand.
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  7. Thank you ladies for chiming in!!

    Some of you are exactly right. I have wide feet but I am already wearing width C or D. I have also gone up in size. I have also made the mistake of buying 'patent' which does not stretch out much! Now, I am only buying leather Varina which is better but they are still not perfect. Does anyone have experience with Prada flats? I have a pair of Prada sneakers which is very very comfortable. I will pose the same question in the Prada forum but I thought I will try my luck here.
  8. i don't own ferragamo shoes yet and i am here to research a bit before i go buy. i hear your pain. i have wide feet too (wide on the toe area and narrow on the heels). it is really difficult to buy shoes for me. at the moment, i am pregnant and my feet are now extremely sensitive and i feel that they also grew a bit. i was at the cobblers yesterday who also tailor make shoes in order to get two chanel classic ballerinas of mine stretched so i can wear them in the course of my pregnancy. i was adviced not to stretch my shoes. i was told to wait a year when my feet get back to normal. this is why i am in the market for new shoes :smile: as a fact in itself, classic chanel flats are cut narrow so all of us wide feet ladies who buy them just actually squeeze ourselves in them until they become acceptably comfortable to wear. i wear mine only in the spring coz in the summer my feet would swell coz of the heat. i personally find gucci and lanvin comfortable whether spring or summer. go try out their sandals and flats. ballerinas are really tricky for my feet so i am seriously considering just having some tailor made for me. if you have a trusted cobbler, mine collaborates with a clinic for orthopedics, ask for expert advice on what to particularly look for when buying shoes specific to your feet. if the shoe does not fit then just give up on it coz our health is really important. if you look at it that way then it's worth investing in good high quality shoes that you will enjoy and does not cause pain :smile: sorry for rambling a bit and thanks for letting me share my thoughts. good luck on finding your "happy feet" shoes :smile:
  9. Have you tried wetting your feet and wearing the shoes to have them form to your feet as they dry? I agreed that patent doesn't stretch out as much as calfskin.
  10. Hi there! Thank you so much for your thoughts! I sure will try Gucci and Lancin flats in the coming days!! It always is exciting to get to know new brands; maybe they will be the winners. My hubby's family swears by TODs and I almost gave in last week. But, I decided to just wait and see!! With regards to the size of the feet changing during & after pregnancy. I did not experience any water retention during my pregnancy; my rings continued to fit me comfortably. Yet, my feet increased by half a size eventually. So yes, don't do anything to your shoe collection just yet! Have a happy and safe pregnancy!
  11. Thanks for the tip; I sure am going to try it! I have a pair of patent wedges from five years ago that is still slightly tight!
  12. Hey I just expanded my patent Vara this morning. It's not the first time I've done it and the method had been successful each time.
    1) wear a pair of thick socks. Then put on your SF shoes.
    2) warm up the areas you want to expand with a hairdryer, set to high heat, medium blower. Spread ur toes as u are blow drying the shoe for further expansion. Do this for about 3min for each shoe.
    3) wait for the shoes to cool down. Do not remove the shoes until it has completely cooled down.
    4) take off the socks and try the shoes again. VOILA!

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  13. I have just 1 Vara, the style with the short block heel in a beautiful purple color. I bought it at a great deal at Nordstrom Rack so I am fine with the value for what I paid but no, I don't think it's worth the full retail. It is comfortable for all day and I probably get more compliments and looks on it than any other shoes I have. It's held up fine, but I have only worn it maybe 5 times and it was just for work where I do light walking around on mostly carpet, I don't think it's a workhorse type of shoe you want to be walking miles on pavement in.

    It is not a soft slipper like shoe though. If you are looking for that I recommend AGL, I have a lot of their shoes and they are very soft leather and comfortable (much better quality and comfort than Tory Burch). I also think Ferragamo runs smaller compared to most shoes, mine is a size 11 and I normally wear a 10, I don't think I could have comfortably gone smaller.
  14. I own, several brands and find Ferragamos to be very comfortable. I wear flats or low heels. For me it really depends on the actual style, as to the best fit. I have Tods that are awesome and awful, same goes with Choo, Prada, Chanel, BV, and so on. What I like about Ferragamo is the range of widths. If I need a little more room, I can go with a "C" Typically I wear a 9B, but can also do a 8.5C.

    As far as wear, I get the Vibram sole protectors put on every leather soled shoe, and this has really helped with wear. Other thn this, I do not have any quality or lasting wear issues with any brand except some Loro Pianas.
  15. I find my patent varinas very comfortable without any breaking in, my patent sissi wedges needed a little breaking in via the thick sock method but are now a perfect fit to wear all evening. The main property of the Ferragamo cut that I love is that it makes my feet look smaller, slimmer and more elegant without gapping at the sides. For me, that makes the brand worthwhile, even better if I catch a bargain in the sale!