Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

  1. I can take 7.5C apart from my usual 7D. However, I can't comment on Varina. I can do that with Glory slides. Oh, my Tilly 10cm peep toe is 7.5C. I would usually go for 7D but darn the seasonal shoes which doesn't come in D width.

    I think you should be good with 7.5D. 8D will be too loose.
  2. Hi ladies! I will swing towards the 8D since the front will be narrow. Plus, you can still put some insole if they are too big.
  3. That's horrible. My first pair are almost 4 years old and are still intact.

  4. Hi there! Any update? Did they agree to repair or change it? It really is a shame.
  5. No news yet, have to wait at least 6 weeks.
  6. Me too! I wear Ferragamos when it rains! Then again, my other alternatives are Chanel ballerinas which are lambskin.:biggrin:
  7. i have not worn my Ferragamo's in the rain yet. Though I have both patent and regular leather VARA and Varina

    I suppose I should start wear the patent ones on rainy days? What about the bow, would it get dmg/ or stained by dirty puddles :smile:
  8. my varas are either with dark grosgain ribbon bow or with leather bow, so i am not too concern with the ribbon getting dirty.

    i have one beige vara with beige grosgrain ribbon, and when it got dirty, i can't clean it properly :cry:

    oh, i also never use varina or other flats when it rains, i find small heels keep me 'up' when i have to walk on puddles
  9. I have heard good things about the tramezza, which are supposedly goodyear welted and are therefore re-soleable.
  10. Hi Ladies ! I just got a pair of Carla 70 in Oxford Blue. I'd like to get some advice on the level of care these babies require. I'm not planning to put on a rubber sole since they are new but do you ladies walk on roads or pavements with your leather soles? I walked on the road today and can already see a lot of marks on my leather soles. Is this the normal wear and tear or am I suppose to avoid hard surface at all times ? Thanks in advance ! :amuse:
  11. Leather soles are going to show wear when walking outside and that's completely normal and should be expected. I have shoes that I try not to wear outside but it's inevitable that at some point, I'll walk on concrete/ pavement with them. The only way leather soles wouldn't show wear is if you walked on carpet all the time. Wear your shoes and enjoy them!
  12. How do ferragamo boots hold up? looking to get a pair of ankle boots but not too sure. Hope you guys can help.
  13. Just got my first pair of nude patent Varas a few weeks ago in a 9B, my SA told me to get them resoled immediately before wearing to prolong the life. You can always resole the rubber, but it's pretty hard to repair a leather sole.
  14. My mom has a pair of riding boots from 2 winters ago and they still look great. The leather on the boots are amazing.
  15. Thanks for your feedback. i went ahead and purchased a pair of florian ankle boots.
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